SYNCHRON-ized SPECIAL EDITION Volume 1 for Dorico

Hello. I was looking at the Vienna Symphonic Library website and got lost among all their products. :sweat_smile: I am looking for a sound library that is roughly the same as the BBCSO CORE and that integrates best with Dorico (of course). I saw that there are also expression maps for VSL products. At the moment it seems to me that their product that best suits my needs is SYNCHRON-ized SPECIAL EDITION Volume 1. Do any of you own and use it with Dorico? Currently on offer there is Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 - Epic Orchestra 2.0, but for this at the moment there are no expression maps. What would you advise me?

I use VSL synchron-ized SE
Maybe you can have a look on this post Mahler 2nd Symphony with VSL Synchron-ized libraries wher I gave my feedback about this library

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want a out of the box library, prefer noteperformer.
Using VSL is not an out of the box process, because dorico mixer replace some CC values and the default presets are optimised for low CPU usage. So you have to tweak a little to have good results.

It looks like you just missed their promotion of up to 40% discount for the SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions. If you are writing chamber music with solo instruments the VSL SE is a good option but you may want to look at the articulation content for the library on their website to make sure it covers your needs. I don’t own NotePerformer but you can find a lot of good comments about NP from the users here.

I just looked up the website and the Epic Orchestra 2.0 offered is the original VI version and the Cubase expression map for it is available. I don’t use the Epic Orchestra but I did modify the Cubase expression maps for some of my other VI libraries and use them with VEP 7 so I think you can use the Cubase expression map if you are willing to put in some works.

first of all, Epic Orchestra is just a selection of articulations from different libraries to try and tempt you into buying the full products and is no substitute at all for the full VSL SE synchronized. VE Pro, on the other hand is definitely worth getting if you want to combine libraries and optimise performance – and really helps speed up the BBC Core, for instance – and you can then install anything you might find worthwhile from the bundled Epic Orchestra.

Anyway, I own vol. 1 ,2 and 5 from the Special Edition as well as the BBC SO Core. Although, out of the box, NotePerformer is easier to use than anything else on the market with any merit, only you can tell if the sound quality is good enough. It’s well programmed but the actual detail at an individual instrument level is noticeably inferior, especially the strings.

Don’t be put off by the fact that VSL have chosen different master volumes (CC7) levels for different instrument groups which is overwritten by the Dorico default of 100. You can set these for each Expression Map if necessary or in the mixer. And the fact that VSL have, incorrectly in the opinion of most people, set VelXF to off is something you can quickly change. These two points have been brought up in various other threads where you can read in more detail if you want. Remember you don’t have to use VSL’s own Expression Maps. I and several others have made our own as can you if you want.

Leaving aside these points, I find that actually VSL is pretty easy to deal with. If you’ve managed to get good results out of the BBC then VSL has arguably far fewer things which will leave you scratching your head . The two have completely different characters. The BBC SO is superb with warm, large orchestra romantic music but can also do rhythmical bite. The overall effect simply seems more alive despite some work needed getting some of the transitions, esp. with the strings, to sound natural. VSL, on the other hand, is rather cooler and more analytical. Perfect for classical era or chamber forces when the high standard of the sampling is shown off. Also, provided you get the extended library at least, a fuller range of actually useful articulations. What you lose is a bit of a feeling of togetherness for want of a better word.

To sum up --if you write a variety of music, you need both!

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On the basis that I have both Smart Orchestra and Epic Orchestra, and never use them, I’d say don’t bother with either :slight_smile: I think volume 1 of the Special Edition was designed to be an all-round introduction, so it’s a good place to start I guess.

Thank you all for your answers and opinions. Obviously I’m sorry that I missed the discount, I had absolutely not noticed … :unamused: if it’s of interest, however, they said (VSL )that in a while they will stop using usb e-licenser and will switch to iLok.