SysEx Bank Management

Hi all, new Cubase user,

TL;DR: I need a way to send SYEX files, full banks of patches, to my synths.

I’ve searched the forum and found some topics about sysex data in tracks (to send device specific messages, controller events, etc) and of course the standard MIDI track event editing / drawing in MIDI track stuff, all easy to find.

What I’m not finding (and maybe it’s not there): In Cakewalk/Sonar products, there’s always been a sysex bank window. To me, this meant basically saving device-specific patch banks for each project. You could use this window to store single patches, full user banks, send and receive, and specify ports to target the specific MIDI device.

For instance, I might want to keep all patches used in a project in a single user memory bank for a device (patches which otherwise might be all over the place and therefore not easily selected by PC messages).

For this kind of thing: use an external app? If so, what does everyone use? I really have not had to use one for decades because it was all in Sonar.

Additionally (and possibly related), I’ve seen more than one mention of a document named “MIDI Devices”. For instance, there’s more than one mention on page #789 of “Cubase_Pro_11_Operation_Manual_en.pdf”, such as this example:

“If you want to build more complex device maps, you must make yourself familiar with SysEx
programming (see the separate document MIDI Devices).”

But I’ve searched the Steinberg Document page and it seems to only be looking for product names. Does anyone have a link to this doc (or a tip to help me help myself next time)?

Thanks much,

They refer to the document found on this page if you scroll down:

I use that for one of my synths to send sysex to switch on/off legato mode on it. I set up a simple device panel for it to send sysex.

Thanks Shor, I’ll check it out.


The simplest way to send sysex is to create a part on the relevant MIDI track, open it in the List Editor, and insert a sysex event. When you click in the comment field of the sysex event, a basic hex editor opens and in that window you can load and save sysex files.
MIDI Editor > List Editor > Event List
The MIDI Devices, while great, are very complex when you want to do anything beyond defining a device/port combination with easy patch selection from the Track Inspector. The MIDI Devices function hasn’t seen any love from Steinberg since the SX years (the '90s called, they want their UI back!) so I’d be hesitant to invest too much time learning it now if there’s an easier way to do things.

Agree so much to this.
However, the midi device thing is unfortunately the best way if you want a midi device in your template that you need to control in a quick and easy way.

At least I think so?
I only use it for my one synth that doesn’t let me switch on/off legato without using sysex, and it’s so annoying, but needed.

Having to load sysex files would not be a good solution for it I feel.
Please let me know if there’s a way to do this more conveniently though… it’s one of the weaknesses in my template right now.

Thanks Mr. Soundman as well. I will check that out today.

It looks like there are a lot of cool things in Cubase that Sonar didn’t have, like when you configure a hardware synth as an external plug-in so you can use inserts and sends (audio-engine effects, etc.). But it also assumes a static setup, like “Synth X will always be plugged into audio interface inputs Y and Z”.

My interface has 8 inputs, but I have far more than 4 external stereo pairs, and so I use a patch bay. That means that a device can be on one pair of inputs for one project, a different stereo pair for the next project (or a different device on that same pair of inputs). Thankfully, I don’t have to do it this way (the external plug-in route).

And it’s good to hear that I can send a big block of SysEx from the MIDI editor, as well as imbed events to do things like fiddle with synth settings.

Cheers, Chris

Agreed, by all means set up a MIDI device to faciliate patch selection etc., but creating e.g. panels for devices can be extremely time-consuming and often frustrating. That’s what I meant by saying it is very complex to do anything beyond defining a named device/port (and patchlist if you have one).

I would create a MIDI part with the sysex event required to switch on legato, and another part to switch it off, on a spare (muted) MIDI track in your template using the MIDI List Editor, then just copy-and-paste them as required onto the MIDI track that plays out to the synth in question whenever you want to switch legato on/off. Place them a few milliseconds ahead of time in order to give the synth time to receive and interpret the sysex event.

FYI: I have set up my MIDI devices in Cubase. And I’ve successfully inserted a SysEx bank in a track and sent it off successfully.

But the lack of feedback and UI controls left me cold, so I went out and installed MIDI OX. For full bank send and receive, I can just use this tool. The UI is still in the 80s, but I can grapple with it alright.

Thanks all,

Ahh yeah but I guess I forgot to mention I use Cubase often to play “live” with all my gear, so for performance reasons it’s not planned out. In my long term plan I am getting a midi pedal that can send sysex, but I was hoping I could use Cubase to do this in a smooth way.

Unfortunately you can’t bind MIDI Device stuff to midi cc or keycommands to control it…whelp :slight_smile:

Thanks again for input though.

Yeah it’s rough haha… I remember just setting up my 2 commands and it was a trek.