System-Attached Text above Tempo Text

Dear Dorico users
Is there any way I can get System-Attached Text to be above Tempo Text (eg Allegro)?
I want the System-Attached Text to mark out sections within a flow and be clearly visible at the top of the page and on every vocal and instrumental part.
I hope there’s a way to do this without moving every one by hand in Engrave Mode. That would take forever.
Also, I’m aware this question was asked in 2018, and it wasn’t possible then.

But maybe things have changed.
Btw I’m still using Dorico 4.

You could use system text, untick “avoid collisions” in the properties (set to global), and move them up above the Tempo marking. It should be above in the parts too


Merci Marc
Cela fonctionne bien.

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