System/frame break behavior issues

Hi all,

I’m running into an issue relating to system break/frame break behavior when adding new music into the score. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. Four measures are present in a system. The third measure is blank and was just added to the score.
  2. I select the entire system and say “Make into System” (to make sure that when I add new music, I don’t want Dorico to change it from one system to two systems).
  3. Subsequent music staff spacing gets adjusted for the next two pages. Music that does not have predefined manual system/frame break flags break pretty drastically.

If the measure remained a measure of rest it wouldn’t be an issue, but once I try to put music into that new blank third measure, it automatically adjusts the measures so that it takes up two systems instead of one. An attempt to re-combine those systems results in the same spacing adjustment error.

The video below illustrates what i’m running into:

I don’t feel like I should have to create a lot of subsequent manual system/frame breaks in order to get back my original spacing. All i’m trying to do is adjust one system and have the properties of everything else remain the same.

Is there an easy way to address this, or do I just have to concede doing a lot of manual readjusting?


You need to understand that the “make into” buttons set the properties to “wait for next frame/system break”, and that these properties can quickly be adjusted manually to fix these sorts of problems.

Because this has come up more than once before, refer to this thread and then ask again if there’s something you still don’t understand.

awesome pianoleo. That was very clear, thank you.

Any time :slight_smile: