System registry error.

Everythings working fine…not a problem for months, then I suddenly get “system registry error please re install application or contact support”

so should I just re install Cubase or what?

I tried to uninstall C7 32 bit and everything went haywire so I used the system restore function to go back , could this be the problem? and why can’t I uninstall the 32 bit version of Cubase?

any help much appreciated, thanks…Kevin

Maybe because it wasn’t registered correctly in the first place when installed.
This is only a guess but I recently went through a mess trying to get project files
to open with the 64bit version when double clicking on them.
It would always open with the 32bit version even after I associated the file
with the 64bit version. Turns out, Nuendo 6 64bit wasn’t registered correctly
when installed. I had to make an edit in the registry to fix this.

Just a guess.

Not sure if it could be that really…been using it for months with no problem, like I said the problem started when I deleted 32 bit Cubase…didn’t think doing that would cause any problems.
my next problem is when I try to re install Cubase 7.5 from my disc it will not install, It just says opening website and nothing happens, so I’ve downloaded everything from the site and will reinstall using the iso’s…

cheers, |Kevin

Did you just delete it or did you uninstall the 32 bit version in the proper manner ?

You might have to do a CClean and/or use WiseRegistryCleaner.

Hi, i uninstalled it in the proper manner via the control panel and uninstall procedure… I uninstalled C7 64 bit and tried to re install it using my c7.5 disc but nothing happens, I click install, it says “opening website” and nothing happens, website doesn’t open…nothing!!, I installed c7.5 and updated to 7.5.20 and when I open it the mixer window is just white…a big white window and of course Cubase is unresponsive,

never thought this would happen just because I deleted the 32 bit C7… and in the proper manner,

cheers, Kevin

Done that 5 times now…

Decided to do a clean re install of Windows and start over…reckon it’s the only way…

You should be very careful using these “cleaning” products! Always check what the intended measures and action are.

Good advice…

The registry cleaners not turn up any other registry errors?

I’m not too clever with “puters” and never know what I’m doing really…I’ve re installed a clean Windows and am re installing Cubase as I write this…everything seems to be fine now…cubase is opening and no probs…would love to know what happened though…cheers, Kevin

If you have multiple or parallel installations of Cubase (the is default for V7 updates) this could result in confusion for such “cleaners”, causing them to delete files and registry entries it deems to be superfluous or corrupt, and resulting in software crashes and other issues. This seems to be the problem with people having installation issues and could very well be caused by such clean-up agents.


I agree, that’s why I have decided not to use them after my clean install of everything …things looking really good now.