Tune Up Utilities

Hi folks,

After suffering numerous highly annoying issues over the past couple of months it has become apparent that PC’s with ‘Tune Up Utilities’ software installed can cause great issues with Steinberg related products.

Apparently, it affects the ‘Registry’ of Windows and once it has done this, even uninstalling ‘Tune Up Utilities’ will not rectify what changes have been made already.

I spoke at length about this today with Steinberg who informed me that this is a common problem for Steinberg users. And the bombshell was that in many cases the customer RE-FORMATTED their PC’s back to factory settings!

I have not been able to use Cubase on my Dell Windows 7 since the Valentines Day Sale (because the new software I had purchased would not work, and was also affecting the software which was already installed). This has been a nightmare and as I say, the solution was that the problems were being caused by ‘TUU’.

Any advice please guys…? Today alone I have spent 3 and a half hours reinstalling Cubase etc! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:



Which tune-up utilities are you talking about?

Hi Early21,

Its made by AVG :-


Cheers mate.


tune up utility`s are c-r-a-p .leave em alone.if you want to speed your dell up put some wheels on it.

Thanks Polgra,

I was on the phone an hour to them this morning and they gave me a software tool to completely remove it 100%. Took about 10 x mins to download and run.

“TUU” manifests itself in the Registry and makes changes which may (or probably won’t!) want.

I am also pushing for a refund.

Never again! :imp:


I am not familiar with that particular tuneup utility, but I have always been wary of what these tools were doing in general. I know how to clean up my own space, Windows 7 now defrags in the background without affecting performance, and I want no software touching my performance settings. The only thing I run once in a while is EasyCleaner, a free utility to eliminate bad registry errors, and to be honest, I’m not sure this is really necessary any more in Windows 7, but it seems to do no harm.

Anyway, sounds like you’re getting it sorted out. Maybe someone who knows this AVG tool will comment.

Good luck.

Thanks Early,

Been a damn nightmare. Had to uninstall and re-install THE GRAND 3 many times talking nearly 6 x hours tonight !!

I will NEVER be buying any such software again. I hope other members take note of this thread so they don’t make the same mistake. I agree, with Windows 7 and 8 you do not really need any additional tools. You did with XP but not nowadays with PC’s being more sophisticated.


^ That.

You do not want 3rd part sw clean up utilities and tune up utilities and this-will-make-your-computer-faster utilities. Many of these utilities install sw that constantly works in the background while your computer is running. While generally harmless, they can interfere with certain operations, steal resources, and sometimes even delete reg entries that you actually want and need.

Stay away from these utilities.


Cheers Jeff,

Don’t worry, I will never make this mistake again. My Cubase has not worked properly since February. I just spent 6 x hours finally getting THE GRAND 3 to work (fingers crossed). And also this has cost the team at Steinberg a lot of effort in trying to help me over the phone and via Support Requests.


If your DAW is strictly or primarily a DAW it might have been quicker to reformat, and reinstall windows and your necessary software and drivers from scratch rather than try to uninstall and reinstall. (pref xmls could be saved on a stick for later retrieval)

Hi BriHar,

I did consider this but decided to try un-installing and re-installing the Steinberg stuff. Touchwood, I think it has worked finally. So the culprit for sure must have been the ‘Tune Up’ software.

Dell are phoning me back tonight to see if everything has been ok for a 24 hour period and have still given me the option to re-format if I so wish.


Hey Paul - what a drag!!!

For all your time & troubles, it’s not totally in vain. You have convinced me never to do such a thing.

In fact if anything goes even remotely wrong like that, my mind starts drifting to: save & move some stuff, reformat the drive, & start from scratch.

Fresh installs may be a long drawn-out pain, but it’s nice to start all over again with a clean controlled system.

It’s also a good way to filter out many things that you no longer use or want installed.

What I now have is a hand written log with each step [software installation, driver installs, hardware connection points] along the way.

So now I don’t even have to think what comes first & what comes next.

One suggestion for you is once you get your computer straightened out consider making a system image and store it on an external HDD. Whenever I install an OS and all the DAW programs fresh I always make a system image of it right away. This way if you ever have a problem like you are experiencing you can just rei nstall the system image verses having to re format and re install everything. (especially Windows updates what a pita).

Thanks CWS,

I had never heard of this method before. It sounds very interesting !!

Much appreciated.


Hi Ja,

I am pleased you won’t be making the same mistake yourself.

I have booked my PC in for a ‘Clean Up’ at my local computer store and whom I have a software warranty with. The guy is going to check it out for me now that ‘Tune Up Utilities’ has been removed. Hopefully it wont need to be re-formatted now.



Hi again,

If I have to Un-install and re-install again next week I am going to get it re-formatted instead. But hopefully its ok now.



Regarding the system image. You can find it in control panel Backup and Restore. :slight_smile:

Thanks CWS,

I will take a look and certainly give it consideration.



I’ve been meaning to do this as well.

So do you just use the stock Windows 7 one?

Some use Acronis, Macrium or Paragon.

Windows 7 one is great