System Text objects positioning to be included in the Properties > Globally / Locally Settings

Hello Dorico team,
I hope you are all doing well there! :slight_smile:
Currently I’m working on project where I have “sub-movements” inside the major ones. So, the Flows are involved for the major ones, but for the naming of minor ones I’m using the System Text.
In this case when there is a tempo marking in the same bar where the new “sub-movement” starts,
I would like the name to appear above the tempo marking, as shown on the screenshot below:

By default the Tempo markings appear above the System Text objects. I’m aware that I can manually switch their places in Engrave mode.
But unfortunately the Globally function in the Properties menu doesn’t work in this situation and the place of System Text objects and the Tempo markings remain unchanged as shown on the screenshot below:

I was checking if the Paragraph Styles offer any solution, but unfortunately nothing in there helps.

If there is some workaround, I would be thankful if someone could reveal it for me! :slight_smile:
If there isn’t such, I would be thankful to the team if you make improvement in this area! :slight_smile:

The project I’m working on is over 100 pages, including 12 parts (plus the conductor one), 6 flows and up to 3 “sub-movements” per flow. In most of the cases there are tempo markings where the “sub-movements” start, I don’t have to make switches only on two places across the entire project.
I know that it doesn’t sound a lot, but imagine switching the places of the System Text objects and Tempo markings, manually, for every of the 12 parts… still it’s not a small amount of time and work.

Actually an option in the Paragraph Styles that allows placing a system text object above a tempo marking, that can be activated and deactivated, will be the ideal solution. :slight_smile:
This will allow us to create a custom paragraph style for “sub-movement” titles. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Looks like another good use for a “section mark” feature, as Daniel acknowledged a few days ago.


I’d suggest, as a workaround, to hide the tempo marking and include the tempo in your system text.

Perhaps if you copy-paste the Tempo marking each time then modify it to what you want (instead of inserting a new Tempo each time), you can preserve the x/y offsets. So perhaps, you might only have to mess with the placement once.

I have found a lot of formatting gotchas with Tempo marks in general. They often run off the right side of the page in my scores (way beyond flow margin and way beyond both print margin and physical page) if they are on the last measures of the system. It is more problematic with long tempo texts i.e. “Intense and Expressionistic q=160”. So I end up manually pushing them around in final scores anyway if they don’t coincidentally land at the beginning of a system.

I had the same problem here: Text vs. tempo: switch stacking order?

Hello dear colleagues who replied this post @Mark_Johnson, @superblonde, and @Estigy,

Thank you very much for your suggestions! :slight_smile:
I really do hope that team will come up with some good solution related to the “sub-movement titles” / “section mark”! :slight_smile:
We need something that works properly when we are having “section marks/titles”.

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile: