Sytem fingerprint not valid?


i did a format on my computer and installed windows 7 on it .
Then updated my computer to window 10 64 bit,
after that bought the usb elicenser(for the first time) and downloaded Nuendo 7(for the first time)
from your website with the 250 trial license.
Activated the license on the usb elicenser control center, but i cannot use it because every time start the Nuendo
it gives me this window( added a screenshot as an attachment).
what is the solution?
thank you,

Thanks, but it did not help, because first i updated to windows 10 and after that i downloaded the elicenser control center and installed it… Before updating my windows i had never before used elicensers or dongles in general in my life.

Just in case tried the reinstalling and “run as administrator” trick, but did not work.

Any ideas left?

Some info in this thread…