TAB: List all the fields you wish you were/should be able to Tab to but can't (Steinberg, please implement basic tab protocol everywhere thoroughly)

This is computer User Interface 101. Tab is a very ethical computer keyboard key, when computers first came about, a lot of thought went into properly implementing Tab and implementing it in a logical order of cueing fields and buttons in an order that the user is likely to use/follow.

Sometimes it works in Cubase, sometimes it works but is in a completely random/non-sensical order, and sometimes it works but doesn’t show its cued: example:

Adding MIDI tracks, it does tab to ‘Count’… but it doesn’t show that it has tabbed to count, and requires me to press enter to cue the count field. Whereas, Enter should simply cut straight to ‘Add Track’/Confirm in this particular window. I have to Tab to ‘Add Track’ which also doesn’t show I’ve tabbed to ‘Add Track’.

Its become an increasing mess throughout the entire app - and nobody gives a hoot at SB because nobody complains enough, I guess… Here’s a similar thread from 10 months ago:-
Extended and more consistent tabbing behavior please - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

You also wrote some great commentary here too (I particularly like @suntower contribution as well):-
Ability to TAB through dialog boxes (export, import, add audio track, et al) like earlier versions - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

This stuff faces them every single day, every time the devs open the app at SB HQ. And as you say @LoveGames - this is the very BASICS of software UI stuff.! I dunno. Its like a by-gone era… newer breed too quick to just grab their mice and click, click, click and go…

Of course, change is ok if its for the better. But this…? Honestly, go and re-read the @suntower post in that link above. He nails it.

Love Cubase. Hate this. More TLC needed.

ah yes, I was looking for that thread to bump it but couldn’t find it.


I should add, that these basic universal UI protocols are also designed with physically challenged people in mind - things like ‘Tab’ interface with their alternative methods of control whether it’s a one handed apparatus or a straw they blow into in with their mouth… So there are ease of accessibility ethics at play here.

The Windows version of the program should support all standard Windows UI conventions: including Accelerator Keys, a Default action for every window (what happens when you press ) and proper use of the tab to navigate fields. Back when I was a b-tester for ‘SX’, Charlie and Lars -promised- it would happen. That was 2005-ish. Who can remember? :smiley: