Tape saturation goodness!!

Now that the new update is out, I’m hanging with Cubase 7 again, and I realised that the tape sat on the strip kicks ass :open_mouth:

It rocks! I don’t want to go back to 6.5 now.

I agree! These Channel Strip effects really rocks!


Big compliments indeed to SB. :wink:

its a nice to have when handle with care.

It is, isn’t it? It does kick ass. Also the transient shaper readily available in every channel is nice. And after getting used to it the new mixer and mixer features are quite nice. So this thread gives me/us the abillity to put some counterweight to the bad stuff that had to be said in other threads. Let’s hope a quickpatch comes out soon. (Helge already stated that Mackie control, auto color and channel setting saving is now really going to work, it already does internally)

Kool thread

Makes me want to go out and try an RND 5042… Its that or break out my old B77… That might be more fun actually… But the C7 tape sat is really a great new feature… Thanks for bringing it up!


Great feature.

I agree it’s not bad at all, definitely usable in small amounts. I do like how handy it is, and like that Steinberg included it. Kind of amazing how usable Cubase is out of the box now. For a new DAW user, they have a great base to build on.

The thing that a lot of people forget (or didn’t know in the first place because they never used Tape) is that REAL Tape Saturation is mostly only useful when used in small amounts.

Young whippersnappers… :slight_smile:

I think the Cubase Transient Shaper is one of the most under-rated tools of all time, fantastic when used carefully on individual drums, particularly the kick and snare. Also nice on the hats when used sparingly…

Well done on that front Steiny;),


+1!! the channel strip is amazing and the graphical EQ in the mixconsole is genious! Also the ability to creater FX or Groups with selected tracks already hook up is really cool!! the only thing that bothers me is the controls on the plugins … like having to double click on it to show it and the on/off button only bypass (alt+click to desactivate but still) and the always on top option on plugins doesn’t work on full screen mixconsole. Anyways, a lot more good than bad for sure! I’m a huge fan for the plugins search bar :smiley:


try the “TS” on a backing vox group…

no attack
release 100 %
length any where above 60 %.
then compress the hell out of them
add high shelf
kill all under 100hrz.
… amazing.
works better if you send the group through this as a "parallel"group then you can feed into the mix as much or as little you like

i am in writing modus at the moment but cant wait to get stuck into c7 …
great thread …
nice to read and chat about what we find good :smiley:

For plugins without A - B switching built in (such as the Neve 5033 EQ and 5043 Compressor) it is nice to have that feature added thru Cubase 7.

You guys actually want your music to sound like tape? I was so glad to get rid of them… My first recordings in 1995 were done with a double-deck cassette player. The drums did suffer “a bit” by the continuos re-recording after guitars, bass and vocals… :slight_smile:

when are we getting DCC saturation ?? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
yeah… until the time comes just turn up the bass +12db @ 2ohrz.
mic up the standing waves and send it to your compressor … … wait for the fire truck and the guys with the white coats :smiley: :smiley: .
on that subject does anybody still remove the “DC offset” or am i getting old ?
cheers guys :wink:

If they done DCC saturation it would sound like a mangled tape :wink:

nope ive not bothered with the dc offset seen ive started wearing adult nappies !

I was going to try this but I can’t see how the controls match your description. TS is Tape Sat or Transient Shaper? In short, could you supply an idiot’s guide, please? Or a snapshot. Cheers.