No workarounds, just a simple knob that adjusts playback speed. For the love of god, man!! PLEASE. It is an age-old recording trick that tons of people love to employ. I and others have been asking for this for YEARS. Why the resistance?

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+1 yes please, have been wishing for this for a long time. one of the few things I miss from LogicX.



There are plugs that can do this : Sugarbytes Effectrix has a preset for it…but, this would be an awesome add.


I think you will be already aware of this and consider it a workaround but juuuuust in case…

You can achieve a tape style effect with Variaudio set to the ‘Elastique Pro Tape’ algorithm but you have to use the arrow tool (in time stretch mode) rather than a control knob.

But yes, having ability to change playback speed with a simple knob would be a welcome feature.


WOW. I just had a flashback to 2008, and the MANY attempts of doing live exports while holding the old playback speed/scrub knob at JUST the right spot in Cubase 4. Ha! We all swear it sounded so much better than doing a basic time stretch to the mix, but we may have been on a trip of some sort…

As heard here:


This has been an ‘Annual Request’ of mine for may 12 years.

Just checked this very forum after a long time because of THAT… Have to learn/record complex drums using a laptop installation of Cubase and most stuff is quite fast so slowing down 10 or 20% would make it way more easy.

No - those workarounds are NOT doing the trick… I have full songs with quite some snippets, parts, takes, stuff and all I need is a field in the transport bar to slow down the stuff a bit…

I consider bouncing stuff out and using Logic for that task but this would blow up the workflow A LOT. Because I loose the arranger track, color coded parts, stuff, shit, etc - and in addition this would mean to use Logic and well, I never understood Logic completely :wink:

Sorry for the OT - but we NEED that varispeed. I was hoping it is in C9 now since the window management seems to be very “Logic style” now :slight_smile:

+One Million

Why does all programs, including 60$ Reaper have it since ages?


For entire tracks, I prefer to do it for free with Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch.

YES!! Please.

This is one of the few features left that Logic X has and I wish Cubase would implement.

And pay attention to Logic X varispeed…what is really cool is the varispeed option with Midi. It takes your midi tracks (i guess temporarily streams them to audio) and plays them pitched back too.

There isn’t any rendering time or wait in Logic X. Just like a real varispeed knob you change it and go.

I actually wanted to use it today on a session…(wanted to slow down the track to overdub a arpeggio synth part which would be tough to play in real-time) … which is why I was looking it up.

That wouldn’t really be tape-style though, which also drops the pitch. If your other tracks were MIDI, you’d just drop the tempo … if there’s any audio track, then you’d want it to maintain it’s pitch when slowed down while you play along. Tape-style would both slow the tempo and drop the pitch.

Tape drop effect, is that what “varispeed” is?

I used “Glitch” to do that recently. It’s 32-bit and it seemed buggy to me. It was a freebee so can’t complain.

It’s not like you can’t do it in Cubase, but an easier way is always welcome.

The “tape drop” or vinyl spin-down is like cutting the power to the motor driving the turntable, while still listening to what’s being played back, until it comes to a halt. Varispeed, on the other hand, is being able to control the entire playback speed (without pitch correction) by means of a knob – a speed control. The sound plays back either faster (at a higher pitch) or slower (at a lower pitch) and can be varied continually.

PS A good replacement for that “drop” effect in Glitch is the “spin down” in Izotope’s Vinyl (also free). Glitch 2 is 64-bit, by the way.