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I am entirely new to Cubasis so I’m still trying to figure out all of the kinks and what not. One question I do have is that would it allow me to set a new tempo for one section of the song or do a tempo-ramp of any kind?

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See here …
Please add Tempo and Meter changes - Tempo Track - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums

Hi @ward.carsons2000,

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Signature/tempo track support is on our list, but might take some time still!

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Hi Lars,

Many thanks for your reply.

Would it be possible to know what the challenges are or at least if it’s more due to technical reasons (e.g. due to the current implementation) vs prioritisation?

It seems the feature was on your list already back in 2016? (Cannot change the time signature? - #6 by LSlowak)

With that in mind I was wondering if at least tempo changes (a dedicated timeline to ramp up / down or even just change tempo (bpm) using markers) would be easier to imple than time signature changes and therefore be released separately / sooner? (i.e. the time signature would stay the same but some sections could be played faster / slower)

Many thanks

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Hi @vdk-john,

Thanks for your message!

Tempo/signature track support remains on our list, with a higher priority than before. Nevertheless it still takes some time, due to its complexity and technical costs.