Tempo in pool not set when recording in a loop

Hey there,
for each audio file in a project there is a “Tempo” information visible in the Pool.

If your project tempo is 130 and you record audio, the tempo in the pool always will be set to 130 for that audio.

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If there is a tempo change, there will be an average tempo calculated for that audio.

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However, when recording in a loop, the tempo in the pool will not be set (its “???”) and when activating “musical mode” for that audio, a random tempo will be set, which has nothing to do with the actual tempo it was recorded in.

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Now the random BPMs, will prevent you to use musical mode at all, as the audio file gets stretched immediately randomly after activating it.

I made also a video, where you can see the issue more clearly perhaps:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a track and record audio on it
  • look in the Pool which tempo it has
  • record audio in a loop on that same track
  • tempo will be set to ???
  • if you click on “musical mode” a random tempo will be set

I am still puzzled by my pool files for loops where the tempo track changes its value inside loop ???
Strange beast.

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That might explain why some audio events behave so weirdly when activating musical mode even if they recorded in the project. I just recently had that exact problem where those events and was thinking “WTF?”, but didn’t correlate it to loop recording.

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Same here. I was recording a new song idea and thought, this could be 5bmp faster. So I selected all audio events and activated musical mode and the entire song was completely messed up. I thought WTF happened here?
Then I looked into the audio pool and it was full of ??? tempo values and weird tempos like “274,73”, even if there is only one project tempo through the entire song :face_with_spiral_eyes: