Tempo Question

Hey Guys,
Say I have 7 full length audio tracks, and I would like to reduce the tempo of the verse sections, how would I go about that ?
If I cut and time stretch the verse sections, I guess then I would have to drag the sections together to make up for the empty spaces after the stretch, is that the way to go ?

Thanks for any tips


If your audio tracks are in the Musical Mode (in the Pool, there is Muscial Mode checker), you can just change the tempo. And Cubase will do it itself.

Or you can do this manualy. Cut all your tracks, use and time-stretch.

If your tracks are based in Musical (you can see orange note in the inspector), you can cut your tracks. After changing of the tempo, all cuts will stay on the exactly the same bar, as it was before. If these tracks are no based in Musical (the are based in the Linear), and you will change the tempo, all these cuts will stay on exactly the same time, but will change the position in bars/beats.

Hi there,

if you are using Cubase 6, you can also try use Audio Warp tool in Cubase 6.
Maybe it can be helpful as well.



Hey Guys,
Thanks for the replies. I’m just new to 6.5.
I read up on the manual, just new to Tempo tracks, I tried a few experiments, but its just not syncing up.
Even tho the tracks are in Musical mode, I’m guessing that some Time Warp is needed, its just getting a little too complicated for a slight tempo change, but thanks for the feedback.
Maybe I’ll try a track by track cut and time stretch, see if thats any better.


Bingo, … thanks Split.
works like a charm.

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