Thanks for the freebies Steinberg! [C13]

Awww, you spoil us! Thank you ladies and gentlemen of Steinberg. :kissing_heart: :beers: :beers: :star_struck:


Great but can you please tell me how I can get them , I know that I have to upgrade to CB13 and then ?
Thanks Misiek

I just found them in my account. But I’m guessing it’s better to read here:

Thanks for the heads-up! I saw the announcement and assumed it was for new purchases only. Yes! I have the same vouchers!

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Love the fact that if you’d already purchased the Pro 13 update they still give you the new plug-ins free. Only Klevgrand is causing grief with their log-in not working. Has anyone else had this issue?

I registered and logged in just fine. But where to put the code… that took some time. Until I clicked on the actual “+ Redeem” button and it took me directly to the right page. Duhhhh… :face_with_peeking_eye:

I would understand giving away the free plugins to those that updated on initial release. A reward for buy the update at full price. It’s a bit rude offering the update 30% off and these free plugins. You basically ripped off loyal customers. :man_shrugging:t2: it was only 4 months ago!

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Am I doing something wrong, or is the Klevgrand plug-in irredeemable?

They don’t have a link on their website for redemption, and the link that I found via Search Engine rejects the code.

Also not accepted as a discount code.

The Excite plugin I won’t even bother with. Only 2-3 activations total and I have 3 machines. If anything happens and I have to wipe it, the code becomes unusable. Learned that with the Console Lite that I got from somewhere…


All these products have constant sales. If you don’t want to pay full price, then control your own FOMO and wait.

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It was a tricky one. Copy the code from the voucher. Then click on the button “+ Redeem”. It should take you to a special page within Klevgrand, featuring the Cubase logo and a field. That’s where you need to paste the code. Once you do, the license is given to your account.

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Yea, just now realized that and came to edit.


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Well it was always a summer update sale 40%, now it’s spring sale! Seems Steinberg are desperate for cash flow.

You’re right though, if this is the way it’s going to be, I probably won’t buy early in the future.

Companies work off of quarterly and yearly cycles for hitting sales targets, so you waiting until a sale to buy doesn’t hurt them that much - if at all. Software costs nothing to replicate after the initial development has been done. The margins are actually quite high.

It’s not like building cars and having them sit unsold on dealer lots.

That’s why we’re in the current discount economy for production software with race-to-the-bottom plug-in prices, and with companies partnering up to literally give away products to onboard users into their ecosystems.

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I don’t want to hurt anyone!

Like I said, if Steinberg are going to be a company that flash sale every other week, I’ll buy accordingly.

My overflowing toybox overfloweth even more! Thank you Steinberg.

I just bought the upgrade for $99 last week. But I’m not mad - C13 was worth it to me at that price or I wouldn’t have paid it.

Whatever your other complaints about Cubase, 13, or Steinberg in general, it’s one HECK of a lot of software and capability for the money.

And for me it’s been acceptably reliable, and quite well-supported.

Call me one VERY satisfied customer.


How do I do this?

No +redeem anywhere.

Fosfat?P.S. Got It!

TY Steinberg.

Hi, could you tell me if the software bundle included with this promotion is secured by Steinberg licensing or by iLok license manager ?

It’s mixed. Each vendor uses their own protection.

Steinberg’s stuff (pop guitar 2, colors vintage) of course run on steinberg licensing.

But the others, I think UA’s synth is ilok, softube goes through softube, guitar rig goes through ni access, etc…

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Pop guitar 2 loops are redded out.

I activated them in Download Manager.

Run Steinberg Activation Manager, it should pick them up and activate them on the fly. The same thing happened to me.

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I keep forgetting how many Steinberg apps there are ,not counting all the third party apps and passwords and user names.

I need a lie down.

TY for the freebies Steinberg.

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