That's it. I give up (for the time being)

4 months.

Usually I am not one of the moaners but the mixer peculiarities and the constant CPU spiking (whenever I open a window, move the cursor or whatnot) had me given up and go back to v6.5.4 for the foreseeable future.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back with regards to the mixer is that the horizontal channel scroll bar has vanished altogether and channel captions (on the mixer) are 3/4 truncated (it wasn’t like that and I don’t know what seem to brake things). no matter what I do, stretch it in, stretch it out, zoom in or out… move the mixer to another monitor, delete the prefernces - nothing works.

So, I’ll keep checking updates but as it stands… C7 is a no-go (for constant, bug free work). I guess that 7.5.0 will be the magic number…

I work with RME 9632 and two screens : one at 1920x1080 and one at 1280x1024. if that helps…

Guess that 7.5.4 might be the one, as it is by substracting 1 from 7…

More seriously, as you, I gave up trying to use C7 : takes ages to load projects, more resources needed, horrible and unexplained UI regressions with dropped features, buggy MixConsole and Variaudio2, useless RCE and ASIO guard, and so on… What’s left ? Chord tracks, and even these have a rather quizzical behavior.

I’m planning to purchase a new Haswell based system at the end of this year. Think I won’t even bother to install C7 on it…

don’t blame you at all my friend , im fed up with getting a constant "program has stopped working " message and various other things going wrong with c7.3 ,can’t be arsed to uninstall everything to find out what the cause is . I have a clone drive with 7.2 on it and that runs a treat with no error messages at all and im not installing any more updates on that drive to bring it up todate until I know Steinberg have got there act together , oh and btw the error messages I now receive were after the advice of trying c7 in safe mode ,so I did I temporarily disabled all preferences and since then the project page preference does not get remembered , speaker outputs don’t get remembered ,bla bla bla ,it’s a right ockup basically ,so im with you on this one no more updates for me until ive seen the feed back from other users to confirm it’s running properly

sorry to rattle on ohhh and I sent stienberg a support ticket with crash bumps the day 7.3 was released and ive heard absolutely nothing back from them ,crap customer services

Yep, still not usable for daily work …
Guess it’ll take a long time to get the ergonomics back to pre 7 level.
And to fix all the bugs, that come with every new update.

Should have skipped V7, like I skipped V4.
Thought they couldn’t do much harm this time, recreating the mixer.
… rarely been so far off

Hmmm, all these problems really makes one wonder what is going on with Steiny, I’ve never been so disappointed, although my gripes are about the mixer only.

Absolutely agree - full of bugs, heavy interface… the only hope is really 7.5.4, as some1 said in previous post… but i’m much more lazy to reinstall 6.5, rather than to fight with 7’s “beta” status… Now seriously, Steinberg, it’s a big shame to sell such a release, when You definitely know that it’s not ready for hard daily WORK - we are not playing - we are producing and releasing music. Older times people were blaming bad cracks for all Your bugs, but now U finally ruine your reputation with sucn an irresponsibility to us - your customers. Especially now - when we pay to You… It’s all about world of mouth in our industry - several dissatisfied customers and You will end with no sales… It’s not a secret that world standard for mixing is ProTools - Cubase is mostly used for creating music, but there are other options on the market…

Guys, please tell me what’s the purpose of these posts? Didn’t you already tell all the same stuff several times in other topics? Just curious… :slight_smile:


the thing is thou bredo they now have our money and more than likely don’t give a damn ,but when it comes to upgrading to 8,9,10 Steinberg will loose out as for one im staying on a workstation not an “I” product and after this right royal mess of seven im not taking the risk again

Well … nothing really new here.
Countless disappointments since 20 years …
100+ missing features in SX1, broken part editor, broken iterative quantize, db-law flaw, broken mpex, ditched DX, ditched hardware, broken freeze, broken solo/mute, broken Transparent Events …
just to name a few.

What’s new, is … this time it had hit You.

And yes, all the time (and still) the best allround DAW …
( 6.5 that is … )


Yeah I’ll admit I still don’t feel totally solid on C7 yet. Although I haven’t really had any issues with crashes, I have noticed a way heavier CPU load and have also experienced the UI bugs in the mixer. I did recently find that C7 seems a lot more sensitive sensitive to antivirus activity than 6.5 so I’ve clawed back a few percent of overhead by just making my DAW an offline machine (well, as good as). But yeah, still some work to be done I think.

Just users helping users …

Just a reminder (another one) that something is really facked up with the mixer.

Personally, I think that the “stretched in/out” mixer is a PITA. I don’t know why, but after finished being enthusiastic of the new mixer, I don’t like it so much. and to my surprise it was actulaly a relief (!) to get back to the constant size of the former mixer. I also don’t like all those green lights whenever I drag from one slot to another. but hey…it’s a personal preference…

If I were to sum up C7 mixer’s exprience I’d say that it’s still not baked. and as Steinberg could not afford not releasing a version, they let it out in the wild… fixing problems, dynamically.

I am NOT angry. that’s how things go in today’s application’s life (I have a friend who’s online game developer. I was asking him about releasing a program before it’s fully baked and he said that he’ll release it anyway and pray that problems could be caught at reasonable amount of time).

OK guys, hope you can make music a least (I was fully loading a C7 project into C6 - luckily I don’t use ATM C7’s exclusive features, so I could freely port a C7 project. otherwise it is a PITA :unamused: )

Cheers and may the source be with us ! :slight_smile:

The purpose is to make Steiny react, in one way or another. No more, no less… Seeing all the problems that came with C7, I think that it’s not useless to remain them that there is a significant (professional or not) users base which is expecting improvements from one major upgrade to another, not added issues or regressions.

And, no matter the threads strangely praising the new ‘Steinberg-responsiveness-To-Users-Inquiries’, despite several threads, issues reports and features requests, I have seen nothing but a growing silence for many issues (this, without counting the features requests quickly burried in the ‘Miscellaneous’ subforum, or unanswered PM message sent to who should be responsible…).

EDIT : sometimes I look at the way Camel Audio guys are interacting with users : think that Steiny could learn a lot from them, despite their nearly 30 years of experience…

The thing is, I WANT to work with Cubase 7.

But on top of things that I wrote, C7 projects take between a lot and forever to load, and between a lot and forever to exit.

Changing my RME to 256 samples (from 128 - cause I get horrible spikes) results in C7 going MUTE (no sound whatsoever).

Cubase 7 sounds bigger at any given RMS levels so I DO want to use it, it’s just that it is so damn frustrating…

we are all in the same boat but for different reasons after all that’s why we bought the software , Ive never had a problem with loading times as ive only been working with audio and midi but now ive started using vsti’s it’s a bloody nightmare loading and I feel your pain ! :frowning:

Same here. Holding out on 6.5 (which rocks) until the mess is sorted out.

Yup 6.5 is great.

I’m hanging in there with 7.0.2 though, but it’s a struggle (I’m a glutton for punishment).
Still can’t get over how ill-designed MixConsole is (I know it’s been said before…but hey).

Compared to sonar x2…c7 is a work of art. Just sayin…and thats coming from a 10 year Sonar user. Just moved to cubase…loving it.

C7 is a clusterfcuk. Waiting for C8.

I find all this a bit hard to understand. I have installed 7.0.3 and so far - fingers crossed - I have found it to be very good. The problems I had in 01 and 02 have been resolved. It has not Crashed at all. I did have GUI freezes previously - but so far not one in 03. I had the GUI freezes all the time in 6.5. In fact for me 6.5 was a pain in the neck at times in that respect. I was forever having to close it down and restart.

It does not make sense that there is such a discrepancy in users experience. There must be some common thread or some link that explains this range of behaviour. Is it a combination of hardware and software? Graphics card and/or drivers???

I suppose I am a bit worried that it will come back to bite me. Believe me I am very saddened that so many users have been having so many problems. The tech guys at HQ are probably working as hard as they can to resolve this. Although I share the frustration some people have with tech support as I have found that they are very slow to get back to you - if at all. I think back fondly to the telephone support I used to use.

I have very recently been doing some work with a friend who uses Logic. If ever there was a piece of software that was totally inappropriately named that was it. Ugly GUI with print that was too small to read - a mixer that was fiddly and time consuming - midi implementation that was confusing - no good way of editing drums/percussion. I certainly felt good about Cubase after a few days of that.