The forum gent Leedsquietman has passed away


I am a long time member / lurker of I am deeply saddened to give you this information but I should tell you that LeedsQuietMan passed away during the Christmas period.

LQM as he is also know was also a prolific member of the Ableton Live forum where I had the pleasure and honour to converse with. He was a forum gent and was also very knowledgable and was more than happy to share tips and help people out.

Sorry to share this news. The internet can be messed up so here is proof

RIP Martin (aka LQM aka Leeds Quietman)

If you have any memories of Martin on the Cubase forum please share them as I hope to pass this link to his wife via an internet friend who knows her.

On request here is some of Martins music. His wife now has his account so all proceeds go to her, if you wish to donate/purchase :slight_smile:

More info
Taken from his wife and a friend

Martin died in his sleep. He was complaining about migraines for two weeks.
he also had an ear infection.
his wife was awoken by his cats going nuts. his wife was unable to calm them down

martin was from england, and his mother was on holiday so they did not find out the bad news till the 27th.
as they were getting prepared to fly from england to canada, martins brother and father returned home to find his dead.

martin was buried on the 6th.



Oh, my man Leeds! I always liked that guy. He will be missed.

How did he die?

Apparently he was ill for a while (not that he shared this info). I have posted a link in the opening post that may/will shed some light.

That’s horrible!
I knew he wasn’t in great shape but that came as a surprise.
What happened?


ah, I’ll follow the link!

This is sad and disheartening news. :frowning:

My condolences to his family and friends.

May he rest in peace.



Never really had much to do with Leeds but was well aware of his presence and contributions
Deeply saddened by this, puts it all into perspective.

This is sad news indeed - and you’re right; I felt he always did come across as a true gent in his forum posts, offering good help/advice, and a story or two to boot…


Bummer. RIP

RIP Martin. :cry:

He was a gentleman and valuable community member. Quite knowledgeable about different software,
and always more than willing to share what he knew with others. He’ll be missed.

Aron, can you post a link to any of Martin’s music? It’d be nice to have a quiet memorial to him while we listen.


Disagreed many times and agreed many times; this is a surprise and bad news. I wonder how old he was?

He did more for Abelton than anybody outside their marketing dept!

Done Lenny.

A group of us have already got together to produce a tribute LP to Martin. All proceeds go to Martins wife.
It is nearly complete (10 out of 12 artists have already donated tracks with the others on its way). The LP will be pro mastered for free . I wont post it unless requested to do so.

Thank you every one

If we all agreed with one another life would be a dull place.

Either-way I am sure he conducted himself impeccably.

He was in his mid 40s.

I’ve read his posts many times, such is the nature of the online world that you “know” people but really you don’t. It is still sad to hear this news, RIP.

Strange, I was thinking about him this morning.
“No comments on the release of Cubase 6 from LQM? That’s unusual?”
Now he’s stepped out of time. Strange indeed.
Condolences to his wife and hope she sorts it out!

Donated tracks? Didn’t Martin have his own songs he’d written and recorded? I could swear I remember him posting here, though it’s been a while.

As posted in the opening post. This is his tracks :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear. I too was just thinking about Martin, what a good friend to the forum and everyone here. You will be missed Martin, may you rest in peace.


:cry: I had talked with him quite a bit during the few months on the old forum. He had helped me get up and running with recommended plugins and advice about engineering. It really saddened and shocked me to hear this. I’m so sorry for his family and friends. I didn’t have to know him long to wish I had known him longer.

R.I.P LQM. The stresses of this world are yours no more.