The Fresh New Design - shades of gray ??!!

I really hope the color slider is still there ?!
And I hope it allows to go back to the V5 color ( or something similar ).
Looking at gray for 12 hours a day ( rime rime :sunglasses: ), would be a creativity killer, here.

Besides that, the ‘no_way_out_for_Studio_owners’ and
Drum Quantizing finally arriving, just when I won’t need it anymore,
6 looks pretty good.

bye, Jan

I love the new design!

I knew there would be a few … ( rime rime :sunglasses: )

peace, Jan

Steinberg ?

Is it possible to get a color scheme close to V5 ??

Thanks, Jan

I think that is possible, why not.

I know we have not yet evolved to a single-window interface, but the promo videos make it look almost like one. Too much to hope for “snap” windows feature in C6? Their windows look pretty darn tidy in the video.

Jan, obviously I can’t officially confirm it, but based on reading the manual it looks like all the same controls (+ a few) are there. So, it looks like you should be able to dial in a color at least close to what you want.

Hi all,

something I don’t understand :

it seems there is no more a way to distinguish audio, vst, group or FX channels in the mixer with a color : everything is grey around the fader.

I’m talking about the area around the fader, in C5, there was a color automatically assigned for audio, group, fx channels, etc.

Can anyone confirm ? I haven’t found anything related to this in C6’s manual (maybe I haven’t looked enough).


Hello guys,

For that screenshot I did chose “normal blue”, grey and black (my favourite), but you can actually customize the colors to whatever you want! :mrgreen:

The display of the waveforms/MIDI-parts can be customized as well (white or color waveform, etc.)

Because Steinberg has a history of taking away good things :confused:

Thanks Carlos ! Good to know. :sunglasses:
What about the mentioned channel types. Do they still have dedicated colors,
or are there just shades of the main color ??

bye, Jan

You can of course tweak the colors to get a C5 look.
The mentioned tracks do not have dedicated colors… :neutral_face:

So 50 … 150 (or whatever you have in your songs) all tracks look the same? :astonished:

Huh ??
Did I get that right ?
The different channel types ( Midi, Audio, Group, etc ) do not have different colors, anymore ?

bye, Jan

Don’t panic, that’s a misunderstanding. You can still give tracks and channels the colors you like.

of relief

checking heart rate

I was having this problem the other day, that is, identifying the difference between Audio, Group and Effects channels in Cb5 mixers. I was expecting an icon or something but I didn’t see anything but a slight change in colour. I’d like a clear icon not just a change in colour.

I had this problem because when you create a new group channel it doesn’t ‘focus’ on the group channel and it doesn’t ask you for a name so I was having some trouble finding my new group. Am I doing something wrong I wonder?


No more panic, after all those years :wink:

Sounds good, but still not clear enough ( sorry ) :
Colorcoding individual channels / tracks is an old option ( which I never used ).
The user has to do that for every channel manually.

I’d like to know, if there are pre defined or user selectable colors for channel / track types ?

Thanks, Jan

Right, I’m confused and seek clarification…

are we saying there are no longer definitive colours that cannot be altered for the backgrounds of different channel types in the mixer view? (such as purple for FX returns, green for VST instrument audio channels, etc.)

I assume that assignable colours for track and channel titles are still there, or there would be chaos!!!

did i “sigh” too soon? :open_mouth:

Could i ask where you got hold of a manual?
I have just ordered it on upgrade today and wouldn’t mind a bit of a sneak peek! :smiley: