The FX suite crash


With Cubase 8.5 Pro I started the template called “Steinberg UR 44 Guitar-Vocal Recording 1-C7”.

But it crashed the UR 44 FX Suite, se attached picture.

What cause this crash?

Regards, from Robin

I’m also wondering where I can find the “Steinberg UR Hardware Setup”?

See attached picture.
ur 44 hardware setup.jpg

Look around. There was a basic FX suite license sheet in the box with your interface. It is a single sheet of paper with a big red stop sign logo on it and it warned you not to throw it away. It is your license code and instructions for registering the software version of the FX suite (same FX as on the chip in your hardware) onto your eLicenser. You are getting the error code because you haven’t registered it yet. The FX Suite gets installed when you run the TOOLS FOR UR setup. If for some reason you have thrown it out, etc., the best course of action is to contact Steinberg support and beg for mercy. If you bought the UR used, beg twice, then plead for good measure. :wink: Once the registration resides on your elicenser, the error message will not get triggered, and you’ll be able to use the FX in Cubase as a VST FX.

On the second question, it gets complicated. It is all very buggy at the moment. The menu you are looking for is supposed to show up in the Devices menu in Cubase. The problem is, it’s funky and unreliable. Sometimes no menu shows up at all. There is a workaround to force it to appear, recently discussed here. Follow the thread to the bottom for the solution.

There is another place to adjust everything, but it is equally unreliable at the moment. Once you have installed Tools for UR, there is supposed to be a Hardware tab in the input section of the Mix Console. It offers a direct place to control the FX suite in the hardware. It is SO funky that even when the actual tab shows up, most of the time it disappears when clicked rather than expanding as it is supposed to. Steinberg support is aware of all this. The workaround for question 1 is published in a knowledgebase article. They have not yet acknowledged the bizarre mixer behavior, though. It seems to have been introduced by one of the Windows updates.

Good luck!