The Grand 2 and win7 64?

Is there a way of installing this?
I loaded up an old project in Cubase 6, realised I needed the Grand 2 and got this as I tried to install:

“There are other activated processes which disturb the installation process.
Please restart the computer and restart the installation process”

This I did but it just keeps repeating. I do have the Grand 3 but I would like to run The Grand 2 if possible as well.
Any thoughts?


The Grand 2 is not compatible with W7, same as 64-bit OS. So it could works only if you are very lucky.

You can try to run Cubase in 32-bit mode, and in Windows XP compatibility, as experiment (C6 doesn’t support Win XP, but it works, sometimes). And you can try, if The Grand 2 will work this way.

Hi Martin,
Yep, tried the compatability mode a couple of different ways but cant get past the original error message.
Thanks anyway,

I’ve got The Grand 2 running, Win 7 64, Cubase 6.5 32 bit. There’s an error message while installing from disc as far as I remember, think you need to install from the Grand-update found in Steinberg’s ftp-archive + copy the sample content from the DVD manually + relocate the samples when using it first.
No chance to get it running standalone but at least as VSTi withing Cubase.

Hi marqs,

Yep, that worked perfectly.
Thanks for the help,


I found a solution.
See here:

Good luck.