The joy of anticipation

Not much traffic here these days. Must be the calm before the storm. In German we have the saying: Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude, which means something like: the greatest joy is the joy of anticipation. Isn’t it exciting to be close to the release of a new Dorico version, after 1½ years of waiting? Where almost everything still can be expected? Once the release will be out, we will probably be amazed at all the new functions, but maybe also a little disappointed here and there, where features we hoped for didn’t make it to this version. That’s where the joy of anticipation starts from the beginning. For version 5. Expected early in 2023 :wink:

P.S. Sorry for getting a little off topic here. My anticipation just wanted to be expressed.


I fear that a lot of people will be disappointed by Dorico 4. 1 1/2 years is a long time since version 3.5, but - as Daniel pointed out a few times - the team was dealing with a lot of subjects: new license model, new iPad version, new MAC OS and others, which didn’t add any new features to the software. Therefore I try not to be too enthusiastic …

He also pointed out that there were features for everyone in there… Don’t have expectations, and you shall be very happy in the end!


The document describing the changes in Dorico 4 is 100 pages long, so I hope there will be at least something for more or less everybody in there. (And only two of those pages are about Steinberg Licensing and the new Apple Silicon-based Macs.)


Why, why, why can’t you release it? Have you no heart?

Oh, the agony, it’s real…



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Well, that sounds encouraging! I’m certainly hoping there is some MIDI guitar elements in there… Here’s to hoping!

Yes, it is, but I confess that my excitement has slowly turned to angst since late November. And now I no longer have Christmas preparations to distract me, alas.


In the same way that operating systems have names as well as numbers - Mojave, Catalina,etc - it will be fine as long as Dorico 4 is not named Godot…



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Traditional Dorico release dates have been Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; so naturally my fingers are crossed for Jan 11, but I think recent releases have been more common on Thursdays. So much for my Kremlinology, as Daniel once put it. :laughing:



If the publishing dates on Wikipedia are correct, Dorico versions were published on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays, but never on a Tuesday or Thursday. :slight_smile:

Tomorrow, for the win!

Sadly I’m letting it interfere with my Dorico work, thinking “oh I’ll just wait until the release /procrastinate”


Yeah, I won’t have any excuses to procrastinate once it’s released… except maybe taking an hour to drink some tea and read the version history. And reading the flurry of new posts in the forum. And trying out all the new features I don’t actually need to use right now.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

An hour to read 100 pages of documentation? My hat is off to you.

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This is my first (second) release, <taking notes from the old timers … tea - check, hour to read changlog - check>


Well, I’ll let you know how far off I was once it’s out…

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