The new little Camera icon

I personally have no need for any “snapshot pictures” of plugins…

and people who would need to use it would probably only click it once per plugin…

so why do we have to have a new camera icon permanently taking up screen real estate (for a button that one would only ever need to press once)

stop the bloat, you noobs…

p.s. distroyer plugin -> gui error bottom left… does anybody ever even look at the things that get released? lol

If you never will use it you do know you can remove the camera icon. That option is available in the Setup Toolbar menu. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I thought the same thing. What an odd choice to make it a button on the plugin wrapper when most people will only press it once. I personally just type plugin names in because its super fast, so i probably wont be bothering with snapshots too much. I dont mind it, but since the idea seems to have been lifted from S1, why not follow their lead in making it, iirc, an option from the menu in the upper left corner?

Personally, I will probably continue to use the menu option, but I know when I got Komplete Kontrol I spent ages building pics for Soundtoys in photoshop. If only KK had an option like the little camera icon. I took me about an hour to go through all my plugins and create an icon for each using the camera icon, even though I’m not likely to use it, so thanks Steinberg for a little bit of joined up thinking I wish more developers would go to that extent.

Nah, I kind of like the whole process. Yes, it’s a little toyish but we can have some fun for no reason in Cubase as well? :slight_smile:
I have a bunch, not an endless row, but a bunch of VST/VSTi in 32 bit I can use in Cubase 10 no problem via jBridge.
Last night I made a lot of snapshots and when I was done I just took a look at it and an image says more than a 1000 words!!!
I saw a lot of old stuff I haven’t seen in years and the images kind of talk to me in another way than just a list of names.
I definitely like the silly snapshots! :sunglasses:
And the bonus that they respond to drag and drop is sooooooooooooooooo useful!

Agreed. I’ve been using them in Studio One for years, and the nice thing about them is they can sort of act as a reminder to try out lesser used plugins on a particular source. For instance, I know I need a compressor on a track and I want a certain vibe, it helps to scroll through my Dynamics folder and be able to actually see these snapshots to act as a reminder and say, “hey, this thing you don’t use to often may be perfect here.”

Real estate…? You’re talking about the little 10 pixel camera that sits beside the Presets drop-down window… where nothing else lives, or has ever lived…? That little icon has bloated your session/screen/workflow…? Are you running Cubase on your flip-phone? :open_mouth: :frowning: :astonished: :imp:

Me too, it’s fun, and I agree it will be quicker to find things.

This is the most ridiculous implementation EVER. I bet they had a contest over the most pointless idea for the feature, et voilà.
Why, oh why can there not be a single menu entry that says : render thumbnails. End of.

This way, unless I sit there for hours doing every plugin manually, loads of the lesser used one will remain unrendered. Pretty much exactly the opposite of what this is supposed to help with. It’s absolutely stunning how stupid this is. Cam icon inside the plugin window. Wow.

I feel your pain, but I expect it would be much harder to do what you suggest as the program would have to open every plugin one by one to load the images. They took the easy route. But I think it’s still useful.

Thanks, I didin’t know this. But Which “setup tool bar menu?” Looked at the project page,mix console page,…??

Having it on the the plugin makes perfect sense.

Sorry but, I think I misunderstood the OPs original post. I though it was about the camera button located on the mixconsole (or maybe it is?). :blush:

If you want to hide that camera button, the option would be found in the Mixconsole>Set up Toolbar menu by unclicking the “Mixconsole Snapshots” option.

Regards :sunglasses:

The camera button in the mix console is for the new feature, mix console snap shots. I don’t think there is a way to make the camera button invisible on any VST/VSTI. One could make this a feature request in preferences to hide the camera icon, and therefore make every VST/VSTI more “clean” looking, or at least the same look as before, but that has drawbacks too.

I can’t imagine a user loosing sleep or switching DAW’s over implementation of 1 new icon, and yes I understand the logic.

IMO what is more important, is that some images of VST’s are totally out of proportion compared to the majority images. For example, take a pic of the UAD 610a or 610b, then compare it with the majority of images. It would be nice to have all images about the same size, especially when scrolling.

Look on the positive side, la3a almost became larger in the media picture :laughing:

I stand by my first post…

I mean using that logic, cubase will soon look like a hacked internet explorer from after the millenium - toolbars n buttons all over - buttons that you might only ever need to press once. ever. - if that even

Soon it will look like that IE’s toolbar - samesame, but different…:

I prefer to automatically land in the “search vst” field personally when opening a new instrument… saves time, clicks , and is the smart thing to do. some people prefer form over function though… noobs…
first function, fast workflow , stability, perfect core, perfect sync/tempo stuff, perfect audio in loops, ech millions of things come first. period.
Then, after it is flawless - work on cosmetics, twitter,fb etc buttons, and pics and pretty led lights,fluffy bears and pink sprinkles or whatever some of you noobs think is important for the musical creative process - heck wheres my virtual cubase tv tuner and stock ticker running across all bars…

Yeah, if there has to be a camera icon there move it to the right edge of the GUI or something.
I’ve almost hit the camera a few times when my eyes searched for the big thing that’s the first thing I need to do with is opening some preset, i.e. hit the big thing that used to be the MediaBay preset icon.

Why this tiny icon would bother anyone is beyond me. No wonder legitimate problems sometimes go unaddressed;
they have to weed through this garbage.

I like the snapshot option, that way I only take snapshots of the plugins I use mostly, and the ones I don’t like I don’t take snapshot of it. Good way too organize plugins

The amount of times the OP uses the word ‘noobs’ already gives a pretty good impression of how serious the post should be taken IMO.