The New MIDI Remote is

Oh my god, I really wasn’t expecting it to have presets ready to go!!

Looks incredible so far. Can’t have a proper play till later though, grr!!

Mind officially blown!


It seems to be based on java-script so there are still maybe some hope if we get some proper documentation.

I am considering buying a new MIDI Remote for Cubase 12. I always used CC121 and Ableton PUSH rewire within Cubase. So as Cubase 12 and Ableton 11 no longer support rewire. Based on this new features , what MIDI remote would be the best option?

Initially, I was planning to get the NI Komplete Kontrol M32.

Thank you all

You can access the script documentation from within Cubase. Here are more details: MIDI Remote API


Just had a cheeky lunch time play, and there’s ‘QC’ controls for each plugin in focus - this is incredibly quick for mapping on the go! …Even third party VST’s. Excellent!!

Means that the mapping is always in eye view too, love it!


The documentation is in a text file in the download.
This is such a big deal!!! I wanted immature changes compared to what they have done.

And it’s not even the biggest deal.
The audio editing features are just amazing! Blows my mind amazing. And they announced multi track freeze in the next maintenance update!

The LEs are PERFECT. … :wink:

Thank you Sheinberg!


Has anyone seen this work successfully with NI gear; specifically NI Komplete S61 and Maschine MK3? Not working here.

Yes - example is on the sonic academy youtube chan where he sets up an NI Komplete:-

There’s no default pre-sets for NI yet, but I’m sure someone in the community will create a pre-set, I’d love to get stuck into one that can utilise the screen and light feedback - Don’t know how flexible the API will be though.


Thanks for the guidance. But I assume from the title, it isn’t automatically recognized. (I’ll check the video ASAP.)


I think the most important function of a remote controller is that should be orthogonal of the gui. It is a glorified “generic editor”. (And for that it is good, mostly because most plugin vendors dont give a shit about Steinbergs VST design guide)

Remote for Ableton Push 2 please.


Can you map the pre section now? Filters and gain? Can you switch on modules of the channelstrip?


And, you can map bypasses via the mapping assistant:-

But it is still direct to that slot.


Great, thanks. I assume the comp in your example still has to be activated first though, right? So you can’t select a new track and just put in the comp without opening the channel view?
Anyway, the input section makes me happy. That’s reason enough to update :cowboy_hat_face:

There is a mapping detected if you change it with the assistant open:-

However, when mapped it seems to not change the ‘type’.

But, I’m not sure what values it’s wanting to receive - perhaps using the options to change the type of value sent for that mapping would get it working? Not sure. If you map it by default it appears to just set to none, so is at least responding.


Push needs a software to do that, at least if you want to do more than just turn knobs.

I use this tool, I’ve had it since release but haven’t followed the development. But does what it should. Is a little uncomfortable on windows and unfortunately there is no demo version.


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Would be great if you could upload the scripting docs online.
From the help on this I understand that there is some more documentation installed.

Thank you . I’ll check it out

Mine didn’t either. My SSL UF 8 was not recognised as well. I just mapped 6 knobs of my KK S61 only using a custom layout

Can anyone of you upload the complete list of supported midi remote devices?
Strangely enough, you see many more manufacturers in the videos than are listed on the Steinberg site.

(I use a M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro)