The New MIDI Remote is

My Alesis keyboard controllers and Korg nanoKontroller are not being detected.

These are currently the controllers that are supported with a factory script:

AKAI - MPKmini mkIII
ARTURIA - KeyLab Essential series
ARTURIA - MiniLab mkII
KORG - nanoKONTROL v1, v2
Novation - Launchkey Mini mk3
Novation - Launchkey mk3

The Remote API is open to everyone and every company. Feel free to contact your controller manufacturer and ask for support.


There ist also a directory called “examplecompany”. I thought that would be kind of a template to create a script for a controller that is not supported directly.

The “realworlddevice” would match my Novation Impulse perfectly, but how do I actually use that script for my Novation? There seems to be no way of actually using that for a surface or connecting it with a MIDI-port. Am I missing something?

But why are so many more listed on a few YT-Videos?

I guess Dom created some on its own with the Surface editor.

Yeah, already did that with your owner, Yamaha.
The logic of not having Yamaha’s own devices escapes me.
Cubase AI comes included with MODX, Montage, MX. Do you guys even talk to each other?

And Chris Selim got it from Dom or what :smiley:

Ok, this midi control feature is the reason for buy to me. Does it support endless rotary encoders properly now? Can i use a Mackie C4 with it? Does it support RCE (Remote Control Editor) features? What is with displays on controllers, can i name the functions and then display them on a display of the controller?

Depending on answers to the questions, i will instant buy this version.

That’s the Korg Nanocontrol surface in the picture. That one is among the few, that are included in C12 already.

Sure, but when he opens the vendor list, there are a lot of more vendors (2:34)

Ah, crap, I though the MIDI remote would be on top of the generic remote. How am I going to use a knob to zoom, scroll trough tracks move locators / nudge loop left and right now?

This is only a list with vendors to chose from when you are creating your own script. Those are not ready made scripts in any way. You have this list as well when you are in the MIDI remote manager and chose “add new surface”. When you click on “vendor” you get the list in the picture.

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Hi any chances to see something similar on the midi device side?

You still can, but it’s far more easy to map them, create pages and have a visual guide on screen.

But how? Through the generic remote, I could assign Zoom In to an Inc message, Zoom Out to a Dec message, and it was ok. How can I do it now?

I found out working with “Arturia BeatStep” I can only use channel 1, if I set other channels it doesn’t work well.

I am trying to figure out the best way to create a script for Ableton Push 2 as I cannot use it in rewire mode.

Any ideas?

Ah sorry, yes, I missed where you said knob control for inc/dec key commands. I just read Inc and Dec thinking you were mapping buttons.

Must admit i’ve not tried that yet, and I’ve not seen anything in there that determines direction turned. It would be a great shame if we have to dig deeper into the API for that basic functionality - I’ve not noticed anything in the user mapping file where you can differ mappings by direction.

I wish they put this out to public beta really, as there’s much that could be improved - but it’s definitely a start and has fixed a lot the more immediate mapping woes that I had previous.

I’ll dig deeper, in case I can “split” the knob in the assignment page using the ranges. I can’t test now, I’ve got to run!

I looked into the manual and there I read about the open API. Is there a manual for download to read it. Because in the Cubase manual it is said, that you open the API programmers guide within Cubase itself. So is there a way to read it online without buying Cubase?