The position of popup menu when using multiple display under big sur 11.5

All pop-up menus appear in the main display when using multiple display under macOS Big Sur.

I think it is a bug.
Could it be fixed?

Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 20.47.35

This phenomenon seems to have occurred from the macOS because it is fixed after updating macOS from 11.5 to 11.5.2.
It is just strange…

@Nancy_Piver what OS are you running? Maybe this could be a solution for you?

ehm…, it is not easy to answer…

I am running Dorico mainly under macOS 10.14.6, occasionally under macOS 11.5 (11.5.2 since today) and seldom under Windows 10 Pro.

Under macOS 10.14.6, I have not experienced the problem, if I remember it correctly.

I do not use Dorico with multiple displays when using Windows machines. Thus, I do not know if the problem occurs under Windows.

I used Dorico under Catalina as well for one year if I correctly remember it, but I do not remember if I had the problem. My memory is getting worse…, sadly…

Returning to your question: Yesterday, I launched Dorico under macOS 11.5, and I experienced it. After recognising the problem, I did not relaunch Dorico nor macOS. I used it as it was, and then saw the macOS update possibility, then executed the update. After that, the problem was resolved. To judge if updating OS from 11.5 to 11.5.2 might be a resolution, I should have retested the problem many times including rebooting OS and relaunching Dorico before the update, but I did neither of them. So it is hard to answer your question.

Oh, it is not a question to me… Sorry!

Mac OS 10.15.7 . When I quit and restarted Dorico, the small dialogs, e.g., Page or Gallery View, appeared on the same screen with Dorico, but one time on the extreme right side, the next time on the extreme left side; one of the dialogs was halfway on the lefthand edge of the screen but the other half—which might have appeared on the main screen—wasn’t there at all.

I remembered my old report. If I correctly remember, I used Catalina at that time.
Do you have the same issue?

This is my display arrangement:

Unfortunately, we’re somewhat beholden to the Qt framework when it comes to this kind of thing. Qt has a number of problems relating to showing menus and other pop-up widgets when multiple displays are in use, on both macOS and Windows. We’ve not chosen to devote our limited development time to trying to fix these problems ourselves as yet because we prefer to spend that limited time working on adding value and functionality to Dorico itself rather than fixing bugs in the application framework that we’re using. We hope (perhaps vainly) that as we transition from the current UI technology we are using to a newer one provided by Qt, at least some of these problems will no longer occur.

Thank you for letting us know it!