'The power of music compels you'

If you had Cubasis on an iPad your music ideas and DAW would always be with you. Lunch breaks and time spent waiting on clients would be compelling more music from you.

But … but … but … iPad’s didn’t exist 15 years ago … and Zapaxe only uses obsolete computer gear. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I use the iForget, keeps my spare time free! :laughing:

Steve, we all have passion(s) of some sort or another, Music is about vibration, albeit very sophisticated vibration, been with us from the start, so some humans are more sensitive to the pleasures of it, we are doomed to love it therefore as a passion.

Here come the vibrator jokes now… :unamused:


Don’t forget Steve’s i386 CPUs with MIDI version 0.5. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, Steve has the ultimate device for music…

The “iFogal:smiley:

iFogal 2 :laughing:

+1 But some are more sensitive, it would seem, than others.

Have you had this experience… You are having lunch with a friend and suddenly, over the pathetic restaurant sound system, you hear a certain chord progression, and suddenly you can’t concentrate on what your friend is saying? Your ear and attention is, liked, ripped to the sounds?


@Steve… love The Exorcist reference in the topic header. LOL.

Frequently … Whenever I am in the wife’s car, if I don’t turn off the radio whilst she’s talking, I miss all the commands and instructions (so why turn it off eh!) that go with the honey-do list. Joking aside, it is difficult not to lock on to music for me, my kids studied for school with music blaring, got excellent marks, I could never do that witih the music on.

I can relate to that, I tried a few times sticking a CD into the PC and slapping on some phones at work. I don’t get a thing done.

I’m one of those people that turn down the car radio when I’m searching for an address. Several comedians think that’s hilarious but I suspect they can’t hear as much detail as I.


Why do we do that?

so comedians can make fun of us! Never thought about the “hearing more detail” angle.Now I feel better about myself

Looks like you started something Steve. Never gave it a second thought but found my self turning off music any time I need to focus on detail . Some music is so distracting I have a hard time driving, as if being really wasted. I do find it a very narrow selection of music that can do that however and as I see it happening, I can recognize and take control of it.

Steve, you have some interesting ideas.

I equate this to several things I’m involved with and while not really so consumed by the passion, I know some that are and by looking at and listening to them…you’re right, you’d think they’re crazy. Driven to extreme levels. Particularly collectors. I have known many in several venues and some seem really beyond eccentric. Old motorcycles, victrolas, guitars, antique cars and furniture.

As for the annoying music, it compels me to want to get out of my truck and smack them in the back of the head with my iron fist. " hey jacka$$, you think you can turn that up a little more? It is only vibrating my steering wheel!"

By the way, you and I seem disturbingly alike on a few things :wink:

As you say…like attracts like. You rarely see the hair dresser welding, the biker playing a harp, or the race car driver performing ballet. Although I do know an mason who one freaking talented decorator. So it can happen but you’re right. The greatness of freedom. It s a sad thing to hear of the lack of it in some many arenas.

If I were to express any desire to tell some biker friends that I might enjoy…say, dancing. Yikes. Not the right crowd. And for the record…I don’t dance :blush:

I’m not compelled to do anyth…brb. My guitar is calling my name.


So true. It’s a constant struggle to balance what you have to do and what you want to do.

Luckily, it sounds like I have had more time lately for music than you. Still, it’s difficult to focus and ‘get lost’ in your musical adventures when you can’t shake the cold, hard fist of reality gently tapping at the back of your brain.

I believe life is about achieving balance, and that life is meant to be somewhat difficult - perhaps a kind of “test” …

Scab’s deep thought of the day. :unamused: :slight_smile:

I stayed up past my best before date last night just to mess with the gear, its infectious, I just cannot stop myself sometimes! :smiley:

“best before date” :laughing:

I’ve been shorting myself on sleep the past few nights because I made the mistake of trialing the RND Portico EQ and comp. Man, those plugins are impressive. Expensive, but impressive. I just keep slowly turning “knobs” and listening to the beautiful, transparent, subtle changes.

I think I have a disease. Or, would that be a disorder?