The solution thread?


I’ve gotten the idea (while it could already be mentioned) to make a thread with solutions you may have found while resolving problems with Cubase 7.0x.

Mine solution so far:

1] USB Dongle, the dongle was working but sometimes gave an error, after replacing my dongle to find out the error still existed I figured out that the USB dongle was hooked up on an active usb hub connected to a usb3 host port.
I was fooled again (by myself for not checking what type USB port I was pluggin into) by using a usb port directly on the computercase which was also usb3. Plugging the dongle In to the rear of the computer (which all are USB2) suddenly every little bit of stability issue was gone in an instance.

2] VST 2.3 and below versions of VST-FX or VST-I, had issues in a mixdown where I used over the 30 plugins. Stability problems (freezes and crashes or lockup while audio keeps playing or VSTBridge crash) troubleshoot was to disable the vst 2.3 plugins to see if it indeed was an vst 2.3 or lower version problem, it did. Now I could test every vst 2.3 or lower to find it instead I removed all free plugins to rule that category out, this also was the cure.

Problem still is to get something like a sticky to sum all found solutions !?

Aloha m,

Altho not quite the same thing as a ‘Solutions thread’
there is a ‘Solved Issues’ forum available here:

However users can’t post to it.
It is ‘locked’ and ‘read only’.
Too bad.

forum members ‘Bassbase’ along with ‘Bane’ have a really helpful thread called:
‘The Steinberg Forum Knowledgebase for Users by Users’ to which you can post.

Keep in mind that this one started back with C6 but there is still
some great Cubase info there and may well have some C7 info there by now.

HTH (hope this helps)