The Staff label for the player who has multiple instruments


Is it possible to display the Player name as the staff label when the player has multiple instruments?

This is related to the following thread:

After doing some experiments, I have found the simplest way to do is that displaying the player’s name as Staff label if the player has multiple instruments.

No, you cannot use the player name as a staff label.

Thank you for letting me know it.

I hope you and your team could review this.
I am sure it will be useful.

This can efficiently resolve my current problem with percussion.

One more thing I did not write in the thread above is the following:
grouping individual percussion instruments is a perfect solution for the first page, but from the second page, it can be horrible because there are too many staves on a page.

You can always change the Layout name to print whatever you wish at the top of the part.
(Although I agree that having a synth part that prints the “sound” name at the start of the first system rather than the label “Synth” is a complication.)