the strip is now automapped PC

I don’t know who to thank for this Steinberg or novation so i’ll thank both of you .
what a pleasant surprise to switch on the “user” on my sl 61mk2 and find in the display not only the eq’s but now all the active modules in the channel strip mapped … absolutely marvellous .
Im sure it wasn’t like that in .3 so cheers who ever sorted that little beauty out :smiley:

cheers for this :wink:

Sounds great,how did you configured it to work this way?

hi j
This is it I haven’t had to do anything ,just rerun the Cubase 7 setup on the automap server and all the channel strip modules that were active were mapped . love it !!!

Cool! gonna try it as soon as I get back from diner.


How about the startup? Is Cubase 7 allowing Automap to load then returning screen control back to the Hub? Still having GUI control issues at startup on Mac OS here.

sorry I couldn’t tell you about the mac automap ,there isn’t any such issues on this daw with gui sorry

FF, What made you decide on the SLmkII over the Impulse?
I’m deciding between one of them or the Nektar… :nerd:

hi royal 1
I choose the sl mk2 purely because the impulse wasn’t released at that time , that said the sl mk 2 seems to have more functions than the impulse .
Every thing is automatic with automap but with the nectar you have to click through folders of plugin’s for it to be assigned so if I was you ,for deep integration with less clicking involved I would still choose the sl mk2 ,it’s never been a problem , in fact I think automap is bloody brilliant :wink:

Ultimately, the SL MKII is a more full fledged control surface plus keyboard controller.

It was at the top of my list, then the Impulse was released. I ordered the Impulse, put it through the paces, then sent it back the next day. Why? Being in a small home studio with limited space, the Impulse was "chunky, consuming more space than I had imagined. (Otherwise no real complaint.)

When the SL arrived a few days later, it fit in perfectly and has been a flawless performer since then.

I too have an SL and am wondering about a workaround with Automap launching in Cubase 7 whereby it does not return screen control back to Cubase but remains on top. Novation is aware of this issue as is Steinberg but I’m playing around with a script to bypass having to manually launch Automap or select Cubase from the dock after Automap launches. Are you experiencing the same?

Sadly I’m on the Remote SL not the mk2 and despite once I add a strip module it appears at Automap’s mapping I need to scroll the list and manually select it to be able to control it with the SL…maybe it’s time to upgrade to mk2.
I hope Steinberg could be so kind to add strip module controls at cc remote device list,like the eq’s.

Have you updated to AutoMap 4.7?

I’ve used my SL with another host DAW for some time but not with Cubase. I just noticed v4.7 added support for C7, installed it, and so far, none of what you describe.

Maybe v4.7 is the solution.

Thx so much for your input gents! :slight_smile:

Just one more thing, did you find any discernible differences in the Feel of the Keys and The drum pads?
(Other than size) Those are the 2 sticking points for me. I’m 95% sold on the MKII

I don’t really use the pads , but the sensitivity of the pads are adjustable and from what i remember one of the reasons I went with the novation is it’s a fatar keyboard , there are loads of velocity curves for you to try but I mainly use load 2 as some of the others are not very responsive .
As a players keyboard for me the 61sl is great and both playing and controlling via automap are brilliant as ive said and you will be hard pushed to find a better AUTOMATIC controller on the market :wink:

Thanks Dr V…Yep, I’m on 4.7.3 and the problem persists. Novation just started testing Cubase 7 and they too are experiencing a startup issue whereby Cubase does not retain screen focus while Automap launches. The Cubase icon remains bouncing off the dock and just needs to be clicked to resume control. The official workaround is starting Automap first then Cubase launches normally. This occurs whether or not the HUB is activated. No issues with Cubase 5 or 6.5.

As you’ve probably discovered in your research, the SL uses a joy stick for modulation and pitch (with the added benefit of being able to do X and Y).

Some keyboard players may want the traditional mod and pitch wheels.

As a MIDI guitar player, I have no real preference for wheels vs joy stick.
The joy stick has a firm spring tension on the horizontal axis for pitch. Releasing the spring (underneath the unit) allows the vertical axis for modulation to be placed, where it remains, as one would expect with a mod wheel. Otherwise, the spring loaded vertical axis returns to the center when released.

Being an old geezer :mrgreen: from the age of vinyl, I also don’t use the pads. Reviews say they’re kinda stiff.

I remain excited at having the SL MKll 25 at my disposal: Excellent control surface with Automap, and keys for entering keyswitch notes when using sampled instruments.

I was asking only because I had been using v4.5 and just recently noticed v4.7.

Maybe I’m not having issues as the app for preferences and set up is alway active in my menu bar. So, I guess, it’s already loaded before I start up Cubase.

Exactly, you won’t see this error if you have Automap load when you boot your OS. That’s essentially what I do when I launch Automap prior to launching Cubase 7 except it’s another mouse click…well now it’s a script that runs when the Cubase 7 icon is launched. Do this: shut down Automap then launch Cubase 7 and see if Cubase retains screen control after Automap starts up.

Thanks for the input

The menu app is always active.
Even if I Quit it, it loads automatically when launching Cubase or my other DAW.
So either way, no extra mouse click.

But I did Quit AM after full launch of Cubase, then relaunced AM, there still doesn’t seem to be an issue. If there is, I’m not noticing it.

yes it’s fine on pc , if I shut automap then fire up Cubase then Cubase works fine without automap ,all controls are handed back to Cubase , im sure your problem must be MAC specific as ive said in all other posts it works perfect here including the hard to wrap HSSE in c7