The Tidal Pool At Midnight


real event, real places, real tidal pool at Coogee Beach (in Sydney)—the one in the pic.
Happy to find a home for 30-year-old lyrics.

Guitars: Les Paul, sometimes thru Line 6 Roto Machine
Bass: J&D Luthiers
Drums: Roland, tapped real time
Keys: Roland

Got a hold of some vintage Ampex 456 (but post sticky-shed era).
So, nice lay-back mastering.

The Tidal Pool At Midnight

Jet :sunglasses:

Nice, the music portrays the lyric very well but I wanted to hear a second verse and some sweet guitar lines weaving in and out.

Well, very Pearldivers of course! Nice. For some reason I thought I’d heard this one before… something vaguely familar about the lyrics…dunno, must be thinking of something else…

Anyway, nice sounds, BUT listening on these headphones there was a frequency in there, mostly on one of the guitars that was biting hard - had me diving for the volume control :astonished: I’ll listen again on my monitors later.


Thanks for listening Mr d.

I think any further lyrics would be redundant. With this one, I deliberately
stayed away from guitar lines, other than the Leslied ornamentation to
support the choruses.



Hi Ian,

thanks for your feedback. i put a lot of effort into the sounds.

I borrowed the title from an instrumental piece I once hosted on my site,
which explains the “lyric” memory for you.

Not sure where such a biting frequency would reside. Let me know good sir!


ah ha! :smiley:

Outstanding as always, Jet :sunglasses: Very evocative piece. Loved the voice doubling, geetars, nice bassline too. You must be approaching another album completion by now. This track and Fukushima gotta be in there :sunglasses:

Nah…that one’s dead.


Hey ya Phil, that’s a very kind review, thank you good sir.

But even I couldn’t knock off a new album in only four months since the last one!

As to F u k u s h i m a, you now see why the letters are all spaced. No spaces = Fukushima.



PS and big-ups on Dome. :wink:

No. he’s just resting.


Hi Jet

Beautiful. :exclamation:

I did find when I switched from listening on monitors, on which it sounds great, to my AKG240s headphones that the arpeggio guitar part that comes in at 1:18 was just a little uncomfortable on my ears, more the left ear than the right, but it could be my aging ears. :wink: I’m not sure how to describe it, not really a harshness but still quite ‘hard’ sounding if that makes sense. :confused: Normally these headphones are very sweet and forgiving and it’s a very minor point.


Hi Dave,

thanks for having a listen.

My own 271s don’t reveal anything awry, nor either set of monitors,
but I’m older than you so I have to allow for aural decay I suppose! :laughing:

I have shaved off a bit of hi end on all the guitars.

Cheers mate!


Hi Jet

Either my ears are fooling me or that guitar sits better now. This really is beautiful you know!


Sounded pretty smooth and balanced over my monitors. Where’d you get your 456? I hear there’s a place on the US East coast that is making it, along with GP9. I just remembered: it’s ATR in Pennsylvania

This would make a nice album closer… you know, the last song just after the huge production number. However, I too would like to hear an extended slide solo at the end, and as it fades out :sunglasses:

Are you still doing the tape service thing? I had told some people about it, and then awhile back i was looking for it on the website, but didn’t see it anymore



thanks for checking the updated mix.


Hi Doug,

thanks for your kind review.

I got my vintage Ampex from a guy on Ebay. There are reliable sellers and
there are goons who are only too happy to try to sell sticky-shed tape,
so I made sure the few reels I purchased are from 1995, still sealed,
in the newly (then) designed box with the date code on it. It is as good
as gold. :wink:

Apart from RMGI tape, I also have some NOS Quantegy 406 and only last
night I ordered some more ATR media, which I’ve yet to try. By all reports
it is as good as if not superior to 456. However, I have to say that the
RMGI tape has performed brilliantly for me and I have no issues with it.
It is true to say, though, that each tape has its own characteristics but
so far I’m well impressed with the old 456. :wink:

I no longer offer the layback mastering service. No one was interested,
so I took the hint.



Yup, sounding very delicious on my monitors! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Jet,

This is beautiful!
I like the ‘less is more’ approach: just one verse and chorus and the sparse arrangement and production.
Nice harmony vox! :sunglasses:

Job well done! :slight_smile:


Hi Wim,

I’m happy you saw my intention.

Thanks for listening and for your kind comments.