the variaudio background is incorrect

the variaudio background is incorrect. the white keys are black and the black ones are white

Hi and welcome,

This is by design in this dark scheme.

it’s not because of the dark design, it’s that the notes are reversed. please check the image in my original post


Yes, in this dark scheme it’s like this.

Changed the color scheme. The background didn’t change. Pretty uncomfortable.


In Cubase 9, there was a preferences for the editors: Use Project Color. When this one was disabled, the VariAudio was “white”, and the “keys” were correct. Unfortunately this preferences is not available anymore in Cubase 10.

they did the update and left the background of the variaudio just as bad.
I do not know why I write here if the steinberg do not read the problems


This is an users forum, where users try to help to the other users. Use other channel to send a feedback to Steinberg, if you want to.

I made a technical service ticket. responded an automatic message, still with the new update has not solved the problem. and I think this forum is to report problems too. in fact, the steinberg suport page send you here.

If you’d like, you can make the Editor background lighter - then the colours match the keys better.

Or seen in the Key Editor

from what I see, in windows it does not have that bug.