the vertical position of "Playing techniques" and octave line

Dear users and developers,

In the following thread, I learned the option for the vertical position of ornaments:

Now I am seeking an equivalent option for “Playing techniques”, but I could not find an appropriate one.
Could anyone help me?

I am seeking a general option or an option for the item, but it seems to be possible by dragging it in “Engrave mode” at present.
Am I right?

Thanks in advance!

At present there’s not an option for changing the stacking order of playing techniques.

EDIT: apologies, I’m wrong.

In fact there is: in Engrave mode, activate the ‘Tucking index’ property for a selected playing technique.

Here’s a link to that page in the manual - there’s a brief bit of extra info in the first paragraph about which playing techniques get placed above each other by default and why, which might be helpful to be aware of.

Thank you for your kind and detailed answers!

I have tried it, but it does not bring a playing technique symbol below the octave line. I have controlled it by using offset y.
Have I missed something?

No, the tucking index doesn’t affect items other than playing techniques: it allows you to control the order of playing techniques relative to each other only.

Ah yes, that’s what I was referring to. Vertical position of playing techniques in relation to other elements, like fingerings for example.

Then, the method which dankreider initially suggested is not wrong! :wink: