There is no sound of interapp instruments

Basically, the title said it all: I have several projects using interapp instruments and NONE of those tracks has any sound. It is quite frustrating as I bought my iPad only to use Cubasis as a home Stúdió app. I have purchased several synth apps and drums and symphonic instruments just in vain. Btw, when I recorded them via Bluetooth midi instruments I could hear them of course but it was another nightmare because listening back a track while recording another made the whole system stutter and it is a big shame because we are talking about midi recording with minimal data transfer and not audio.

Have you tried launching the IAA apps, leave them running in the background followed by launching Cubasis? This is the ONLY way they will work on my iPad

Hi @jumbo.zimmy,

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First of all, please note that Apple introduced Audio Unit on iOS many years ago, which can be seen as their successor of Inter-App Audio, and provides much more flexible options. Check out how easy it is to load and use Audio Units with Cubasis in our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial.

Inter App Audio comes with many limitations, which we’ve described in our dedicated Limitations of Inter-App Audio article.

I suggest to launch the Stand Alone app versions of your IAA plug-ins in use first, which might help to see them properly loading in Cubasis afterwards.

In addition, please check out if there are AU versions of your IAA plug-ins available, or let the app vendors know, that you want to see them updating their plug-ins (to make them aware about the demand).

Please let me know if this helps to resolve your problem.


Your solution has probably already been mentioned, launch your IAA apps first before adding them to your Cubasis project. I suggest you check with those app developers and/or the App Store for newer AUv3 versions of those instruments. Apple created the AUv3 spec to replace IAA. But know that Cubasis works fine with IAA apps, provided you start them up outside of Cubasis (and leave them running while using them in Cubasis).

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This is where Cubasis outshines Logic Pro for iPad :wink: