Things are about to change with the Steinberg Forums

Steinberg are pleased to share the news that we will soon be rolling out a brand new system for hosting our community discussions.

All details can be found in the official announcement:

awesome !!!

Sounds good to me. I would welcome something new. Will there be a support area?

Well done, great news!

I hope it is possible to do basic things like ‘Thank’ people or upvote posts–rather than disrupt a thread with more replies that don’t add to the actual discussion.


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+1 :wink: :laughing:

Will it be possible to change your User name or will you have too use another email address ?

I’m hoping we’ll still be able to access all the old posts. As a relative newbie I find this forum an important archive of information.


There will be likes for posts and specific answers. We also considering to make use of a “Vote” add-on for discourse, but we need to figure out the right process of how to make use of it.

We will migrate the content of the old forum into the new.

What’s wrong with ModularNutter? But yes, you will be able to change your user name.

We will start with the same categories, like issues, feature requests, pre sales. The forum will be constantly monitored by our teams, but there will be no active support from Steinberg. Support tickets will still need to be created in MySteinberg. The new system will directly be integrated with the support ticketing system, which will make it way easier for us to transfer bug reports into our system though.

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you need to tell that to your support team at SB HQ - they point people to the forum all the time for “official support” - eg IC pro etc

I mean try getting VST connect support from them :slight_smile:

(or any actual support /rantoff)

Thanks for the reply Matthias , There’s nothing wrong with it , i’ve sold most of the modular for Steinberg software so i might change it to Steinberg Addict :smiley: :smiley:

Will it be hosted by steinberg or will it be hosted by user tracking? Their demo site tracks with help of google.
I think you need a consider GDPR opt-in before you migrate people automatically to other party.

Discorse is great! Good choice.

Regarding tracking: GDPR concerns itself with user-identifiable information; Google Analytics is generally GDPR compliant. It falls under the general cookies question – e g, if you have an “accept cookies” dialog, that’s sufficient. Also: You can’t really log in to any site without the site knowing who you are, kind of definitionally :slight_smile:

Login in to a site is not a problem. That steinberg is selling their customers to google is different thing. Ok, steinberg is already doing that with viglink, they did not last time I checked. But it is risky business, Steinberg gives their competitors a very very good group of users for direct marketing of competitors products.

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This is great news. Hopefully this is going to simplify your work and help Steinberg fix things.
As other have said, it would be nice that feature request posts could be voted (you could even allow a limited amount of votes for each purchased license) so that Steinberg knows more clearly what users would like.

I think they more need a bugtracker. Like bugzilla or jira.

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I’m always very skeptical about changes/projects like this? It’s mostly the same story with upgrade/moves like this! A lot of project management bla bla that it’s super great and will better then ever! And after the project has gone live the project managers have left with a bag of money and we’re left with pile of s?it that never seems to end?

I just hope I’m not right this time and we’ll all live happily after? :slight_smile: