Time length between locators

Is there a way to se the time length between locators without doing the math? I am often asked how long is that section or
how long is chorus and I always go: muuuuuuuu… :blush:

Yep. Switch to the Range tool, then double click inside the locator range, or use the command “Select in Loop”.

The Range length will be shown in the Info Line.

Now you can go biiing! :wink:




Thanks for this, My work around solution was bouncing events then looking at event time, then undoing it. It’s surprising it doesn’t show once you set loop markers. :smiley:

Would it be quicker to just switch the timeline to H:M:S from Beats for a moment?

^^ Awesome. Thanks! I am going to use it like this:
I need a 30 sec version of a track so I will press 2 to get the Range tool, then punch in 30 into the Range Length field in the upper right. It makes a range of 30 seconds, then I hit P to set locators to selection range. Then I can slide around the Selection Range up in the ruler with the left/right locators already set at 30 seconds.

Nice tip, thanks!