Time Machine Macs

I’m looking to back up my cubase projects etc on mac time machine
I have just under a TB of HD data - is this one good way of keeping work safe? Can you use any external HD to link to it? Does it back up the whole of the internal HD each time or just the new work that has been done?

Also, any recommendations for mac external HD’s in general? Fairly cheap…

Lots of questions! Any tips gratefully received!

The reason i have posted is that i have had a HD crash and my last 6 months work ( unsaved ) is in a professional data recovery place.

So am researching how to back up more regularly.
Time Machine apart, are there HD’s that can back up, say once a week, all the new work ie on a cubase project that you have done? Or do i have to back up ALL my data each time? Does a hd know what is recent and back that up only

Hope this makes sense.
Many thanks

Time Machine is stupidly easy to use. It is my main back up method, after years of using third party apps like Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner that took a bit of management. TM has saved my ass a number of times.

Yes in TM options/prefs you can select which folders to ignore. I ignore system files and folders and leave space for work files. I work in video so I have some massive project folders. I have clean functional clones of freshly installed OS drives I can restore if necessary and then pull all my working files from TM backups.

And yes, any HD that is mounted and recognized on your desktop can be used as TM drive. Also there are NAS options that work with TM too. I have a 4TB Seagate Central that my wife and son can both connect to that automatically works as a TM volume over the network. It’s a bit slow as it’s over wifi but they wouldn’t back up otherwise, so I set it up for them and they can forget about it.

Good luck

Can i have an external hard drive for cubase projects only and another ext hd for saving these projects onto time machine?

The reason is- i don’t work from my mac internal hd. This just has the system and applications

Can i point time machine to save from this other ext hd that i am working from only and not the int hd? ( ie save all my recent projects/files )

Look forward to clarification!


Ignore my other posts as i have moved on since then!

Does TM back up EVERYTHING on the mac on its very first back up onto a new ext hd?

I only want it to back up one ext hd used for cubase, but think it needs to do all first, then i can choose what to back up ie that ext hd only

Is this right?


ps i have not used TM yet…still waiting to get this question cleared up before i go ahead!

Hey violet

You can turn the switch to OFF in the TM preference pane while you set up your options, so that it doesn’t start backing up stuff you don’t want to. Then you can go into the settings and choose the files or folders to ignore, and which drive to use etc. once all that is done you can switch TM back on and I think it will immediately begin its initial back up of everything you have selected. As you can imagine this will take a while the first time. Then all subsequent back ups are incremental, only backing up files that have changed, which obviously goes much quicker.

Good luck

Regarding hard drives, yes you have one drive (I wish you could select overflow drives) that is designated as your TM drive. All and any drives installed on your system can back up to this one drive.

What’s very cool about the software is that should you need to go into the time machine to recover lost files it recovers them to the same location in your system regardless of the drive it was on. If the folder has been deleted it will ask what to do, recreate the folder, or choose another one, to restore the files to.

Like I said d it is ridiculously pain free to use and has saved my bacon many times.