Time Stretch not working

Following along with Dom’s first tutorial video I had a problem when you got to showing how to “stretch” a drum loop recorded at 130bpm to work in a project set to 124bpm; the loop was “130 ProggyDrums 03”.

In the video you said to select the event in the new track, tap on the Stretch button, then tap Auto. When you did, I saw the loop get a bit longer to fit into the first 2 bars of the 124 bpm project; now it is in perfect sync with the metronome.

When I try the same thing with the same loop, nothing happens, the loop doesn’t get any longer and is still out of sync; 130 vs. 124. When I double tap the event to open the midi viewer it says that it’s at 124bpm in the top right corner of the viewer. Yet when I press Play, it’s still out of sync with the metronome, and you can see that the loop doesn’t quite fill up the first 2 bars. Maybe it just copies the project tempo?

Any ideas on what’s wrong at my end? This feature is essential to getting loops to work with at your own tempo. Could a setting be switched off?

I’m updating my iPad pro to iOS 16.3 right now, from 15.7.1. Thanks for your time. ;o)

Hi Bodinpl,
Once you have dragged your drum part onto a track, whilst it is still highlighted tap the Time Stretch tab, select manual and drag the arrow on the bottom right of drum part as my photo shows :+1:

Thanks Mike! That works perfectly. Any thoughts on why my Auto button is not working?
You made my day, week, probably year… pb

Hi bodinpl,
The following text is taken from the Cubasis3 user guide:

  • Manual: Select Manual and drag the left or right event handles (triangular shape) for precise timescale adjustments.
  • Auto: Only available for audio events. Auto will read the audio file’s embedded tempo information and stretch the event to match your song’s tempo. Factory audio loops have the correct tempo embedded and will automatically adjust to the project’s tempo when imported.
  • Clear: Reset to the original event length.

I have tried using auto myself but without success, but I manage perfectly well using Manual Stretching.
Our good friend Lars will more than likely give an explanation as to why the Auto does nothing - or what we are not doing right :face_with_peeking_eye: but I am glad you are able to stretch your drum loops.

BTW, you can drag the time stretch box anywhere on the screen, I tell you this because sometimes you might be trying to stretch a loop that is on track 1 and find the box may cover what you are looking at, just a small bit of info :wink:

Hi @fixitmania53, Hi @bodinpl,

Using Auto-Time-Stretch with audio loops normally works like this:

However, it seems that Cubasis 3.5 introduced an issue in this area, which will be resolved with the upcoming 3.5.1 update release.

For the time being, please use this workaround:

  • Double tap the audio event to open it in the audio editor
  • Tap on the BPM info located top right and enter the correct tempo manually

Once the correct tempo has been entered, Auto-Time-Stretch should work as expected.

As written above, the issue will be fixed in the next Cubasis 3.5.1 update!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thank you Lars, I knew you would have a solution to the time stretch issue.

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Hi @bodinpl, Hi @fixitmania53,

Cubasis 3.5.1 has been released this morning, including this fix:

  • CBT-3472 Auto-time-stretching of factory loops now works as expected again

Please find out more right here.


Hi Lars.
Just wanted to say thanks, this update has fixed time stretch issue.
Mike :beers:

Hi @fixitmania53,

Just wanted to say thanks, this update has fixed time stretch issue.

Thanks for the update message.
Glad to read that Cubasis 3.5.1 resolved the issue!


It was resolved with that update and now works perfectly. Thanks for your help Lars.

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Hi @bodinpl,

Thanks for your message.

It was resolved with that update and now works perfectly. Thanks for your help Lars.

We are very glad to read this!

Enjoy using Cubasis!!