Cubasis 3.5.1 available

Dear all,

Hopefully you are all well!

Thank you very much for your positive feedback about our recent Cubasis 3.5 release.

Today we are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Cubasis 3.5.1, offering you several improvements and ensuring maximum stability.

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We hope you enjoy using the new update!

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What’s New in Cubasis 3.5.1

Cubasis 3.5.1 - Version History.pdf (230.4 KB)

New Features and Improvements
CBT-3463 New button added to hide or show the Hub lower zone info area.
CBT-3464 Android Home Screen shortcuts added to instantly load recent or create new projects.
CBT-3456 The Android audio engine has been updated to Oboe 1.7.

Arrange Window and Inspector
CBT-3453 Resolves a problem where zooming no longer worked when opening a project.
CBT-3204 Projects no longer open with wrong zoom factor.
CBT-3452 Drag and drop no longer leads to audio events being placed on the wrong track.
CBT-3472 Auto-time-stretching of factory loops now works as expected again.
CBT-3477 Sliding on the playhead display with snap enabled now works as expected.
CBT-3454 Resolves a rare issue where an audio event crackled at the cycle point.
CBT-3023 Resolves a rare issue where an audio event was cut off at the beginning of a cycle.
CBT-3466 Renaming audio events more than once now works as expected.
CBT-932 Renaming a track now shows its previous name in the text field.

Instruments and Effects
CBT-3455 Overwrite recording of an Audio Unit plugin’s automation now works as expected.
CBT-3470 Audio Unit effect automation is now visible in the inspector right away.
CBT-1382 The note G8 is now playable on the keyboard as expected.
CBT-3203 Note repeat no longer fails to trigger or record the first note.

CBT-3469 Using MIDI editor tools no longer disables select mode.
CBT-3475 Fixes an issue where notes could not be drawn at the beginning of a MIDI event.
CBT-3476 MIDI notes can now be selected as expected, after an event has been split.
CBT-3467 Pasting of MIDI CC data to another CC now works as expected.

CBT-3449 Resolves a serious issue where one side of the UI is cut off on Android smartphones with display camera cutout.
CBT-3450 New setup option added to enable/disable MIDI I/O as a partial workaround for the issue where audio output to USB audio interfaces is broken, which has been introduced by Google with the release of Android 13.*
CBT-3451 The audio output device setup option is no longer empty after app launch.
CBT-3347 The loading screen no longer flickers when launching the app.

CBT-3471 Resolves a problem where incorrect latency values were shown in the setup.
CBT-3441 Unused audio files are moved to the trash folder when a project is opened or closed.

*Additional Information |
CBT-3450 Audio output to audio interfaces is broken with Android 13
Several users reported a problem when using external audio devices with Cubasis 3 on Android 13 devices.

Here it is important to know that Google introduced the issue with their newly added MIDI 2.0 support in Android 13, and are working on a solution.

Cubasis 3.5.1 adds the partial workaround allowing you to disable MIDI I/O in the setup, which should resolve any audio I/O issues caused by Android 13, at the cost of external MIDI hardware I/O.

If you’re still on Android 12 and use Cubasis with an audio interface, we recommend holding off on the Android 13 update for now. To learn more about the issue or the status of the solution, please get in touch with Google.


Hi Lars,

Serious bug found (android)

When you start up cubasis and choose browse in the hub, any project you load up will not play nor will produce sound if you go to the keyboard of any channel.
Untill you start a new project and then choose an excisting project from the mediabay. Then everything works fine.

If you open recent project from the quick action menu (long press the cubasis icon) it works fine but choosing any project (incl. Cubasis 's demo track) from the browse option in the hub will render in a non working one.

Hi @CJ_Monster,

Serious bug found (android)

We are unable to reproduce the issue.
Please let us have a short clip and/or the steps leading to the issue, including device/Android OS info.


How do you propose we get in touch with Google?

Congratulations with update steinberg🖤
Last summer I worked with your wonderful software and I implemented many of my projects thanks to you!
For the perfect Cubasis left :

Fix MiniSampler ( my list of presets is just littered due to the fact that in order to work with 808 - you need to save each wav as a preset every time , is it really impossible to work with sample without saving a preset ? Is it possible to add two mode I. Working with a sample II . Creating an instrument )
I have created several packs of presets for Mini-Sampler, but none of the “VST” sees the folders, so they are all in a heap and mixed, and to find any preset, you have to scroll through the entire list.

Fix automation so that it is convenient to use ( because it is really terrible )

Finally add your synthesizers to the store … On the android platform there are only three tools to work with , and the same type of drum machines ( which again do not work with imported samples )

Slide-notes, This is already version 3.5 and slide-notes are not implemented yet.

Autotune I think it makes no sense to beg (hello Image-Line). This is not a criticism, i really love Cubasis and Stienberg. I’m glad that the project has not died and updates have become more frequent, but it seems that Stienberg do not hear us.

Upd: Again there a problem with playing the first midi note in the piano roll, this was already in the early versions of Cubasis3
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I found the problem…

The projects wont play nor the instruments if you load any project from the hub (browse or new) when you have the “studio quality” setting on by default. Turning it off and on after a project is loaded in & everything works fine again.

Im on a tab s7 (256 gb) and android 13

See if you guys can reproduce it, otherwise i will make a screenrecording of the whole thing.

Hi lars
thanks for staying on top of the updates. much appreciated.
I’m just letting you know of a problem I’ve run into on the new up date: there seems to be no blue tooth connection for my headphones anymore. I’m running on a galaxy tab 3, android 9
Thanks for your time,

Hi there,
By any chance you have “Sound Assistant” from the Galaxy Store installed on your device?
I just checked the sound of my bluetooth earbuds on my tab and it didnt put sound from cubasis thru my earbuds.

Sound Assistant has an option to switch sound outputs from apps to different options (bluetooth or device speakers).

It was default on bluetooth since i had it on with my earbuds connected but the sound came thru the speakers… after switching it to speakers and back to bluetooth (while playing a project) the sound came thru my bluetooth buds.

Hopefully this works for you

Thanks for the quick response and suggestion but no, I don’t have that app. But you’ve given me something to work with and I’ll try looking into other apps interfering.

In my case, after the 3.5.1 update I’m not hearing anything via either wired or wireless headphones/earphones on my Huawei mobile.

I’m getting used to updates introducing more regressions.than fixes, but this makes the app practically unusable for me until it’s resolved.

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I dont know if this is related to any of the audio problems (no sound thru headphones etc) but it seems that cubasis turns on your devices/headset’s microphone when it’s running.
Which is strange behaviour and unneccesary unless you’re actually are recording thru your micrephone by choice.also this will unneccesary drain battery %.

As you can see the green micrephone icon is shown,which means the mic is activated.
It turns on as soon as you launch cubasis and disappears when you close the app.
So for sure its cubasis doing this.

This could lead to undesired results as when the mic is switched on,
Another audio-channel is used to route audio internally.
There is media output, which is the standard channel for apps
And there is the “phone” channel, which is used for phonecalls .
Even if you have a wifi only tablet, the phone channel is still on that device.

The problem is that standard, android does not show the phonechannel anywhere on (wifi) devices.
Its up to apps that use the micrephone to ensure that all sound is routed thru the normal audio channel (media output) instead of treating it like a phonecall.
This might explain some of the issues with wired and/or wireless headphones/buds.
If android thinks its in a phonecall, it might mute cubasis’s audio.

@jnetiq im not sure but revoking the micrephone permission for cubasis [if possible] might give you sound thru your wired headset/buds. It’s a longshot but there is no downside in trying.

Hi @jnetiq, Hi all,

Does it help to resolve the (Android) output issues via manually choosing the appropriate output device?


  • Go to “Setup/Audio”
  • Manually choose the matching output device

Please let me know if this helps resolving the problem.


No, I’ve already tried that. I have two options, Built in Earpiece 1 and Built in Speaker 1, and in both cases the audio is not routed to the headphones/earphones… Before this update both wired headphones and Bluetooth earphones worked fine.

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Update: while I’m not hearing anything over headphones on my mobile, which is a Huawei device with (I think) Android 10, wired headphones do work on my Samsung Android tablet. Unfortunately, Bluetooth earphones are not working on that device. They used to, but I’m not sure how recently, since I mostly use my mobile.

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In my phone, xiaomi mi 11 5g, I can set the projects samplerate only to 48000Hz.
But because on Cubase 12 Pro on computer I set the projects samplerate to 44100Hz, and then I want to use Cubasis on my smartphone to record some featuring on tracks on-the-go in the songs, I need to set the Cubasis samplerate to 44100Hz to export and use the recorded tracks into Cubase 12 Pro on computer.
How can I do that?
Can someone help me?
Or can you implement this function on Cubasis?
Thank you.

Hi @Francesco_Giannetta,

Cubasis for Android is limited to 48 kHz.
Please find all available features listed on our comparison page.


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Ok, but this feature can be added in a new update in the future?
Because it is a limit in my job. For smart and fast recording tracks I have my smartphone and I have bought the Zoom U-24 audio interface, but with the sample rate limitation, I need always to use my laptop that which is not very smart…