Time Stretch Preferences

I know this has been discussed before, but with all the threads I looked through, I still cannot find the definitive answer.

In Cubase’s preferences, there are options for the Time Stretch Tool’s Algorithm, MPEX or Realtime.

Then when you open up the audio editor you can use Elastique or Standard.

So when you select the option “Resizing applies time stretch” that defaults to the one set in preferences which is not Elastique, but either the realtime or MPEX options which have been present in Cubase for a while.

So my query is, how can the Elastique algorithm, the superior one at that, be made default for the “Resizing applies timestretch” tool. Is this planned in an update ?

The way I see it now, you resize a clip in realtime, them warp is in elastique.

I’ve been through the manual with a fine tooth comb, and back and forth these forums, some suggest realtime = the algorithm selecting in clip edit window, others state something else.

Yea, it would be a very good thing to have Elastique as an option.

Ah well, maybe in an update, but back to the process way, no big deal I guess. Elastique is a stunning algorithm, and can go beyond normality too :wink:

Levzi there was/is a quite comprehensive explanation from one of the Devs on this subject topic…I think it might have been Christian Detttner…although I maybe wrong.

It is very confusing at the moment as to which algorithims etc we can select.are automatically selected due to orefs…I would like to see this cleared up a bit.

Really ? I couldn’t find it tbh, I did search but only found various bits and pieces about it all. Long shot, but I don’t suppose you have the link saved or maybe someone has it ?

Perhaps this is what you were thinking…?

Its useful stuff anyway… :slight_smile:

That’s the one I read, and it suggests that if you set Realtime in preferences, you are in fact using Elastique Pro - Time.

What if I wanted to use the other ones though, there are many Elastique options, surely they should be included in the preferences menu, instead of it being per clip. It’s not a massive deal but I would really just use Elastique Pro - Time for most of my needs, maybe a dev can give the definitive answer ? Would be nice to put this one to bed. As it stands, I think i’m going to prefer to do it the other way now I learnt about it. (Process->Timestretch) and use locators. Then Audio warp to fit transients, so I assume Elastique pro is default for warp if general is in Realtime.

All quite confusing tbh.

…but if I want to use elastique with Variaudio, I can’t. It always switches back to “standard - solo”

How can I use elastique with variaudio? In particular, I want to use “Elastique - Formant” in order to preserve formants when pitch shifting vocals.

I should imagine this is planned for future updates. Getting Elastique into Cbase was probably the main priority, and then getting that stable, now they can spread it to everything like Variaudio.