Tip for Apple Silicon Mac users Native vs Rosette

Great to have the Apple Silicon native version of Wavelab (thank you PG)

Of course there are still certain plugins that are not yet native, and therefore cannot be used when the app is running natively.

Rather than run an older version side by side with the new, (and miss some bug fixes and features) there is another way.

If you duplicate the WL app in the finder, you can rename the 2 versions as say ‘Wavelab Native’ and ‘Wavelab Rosetta’

Then on the rosetta version, get info on the app’s icon (command i) or in the finder ‘file’ menu and tick the checkbox to open with rosetta.

Now you have the same app, but one will open and run natively, whilst the other will open and run under Rosetta.


Yes indeed. But the two versions can’t run at the same time I guess.

Not at the same time.
But for example, I might use the native version for my analogue pitch/catch and to render my entire complete project at 9632.
Then quit, launch in Rosetta and add my preferred dither plugin (Goodhertz) which is not yet Apple Silicon Native.
From there I can render versions at 44.1 with DDP and all digital formats etc

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FWIW, Goodhertz plugins are now M1 native and I’ve been using the beta version of Good Dither for at least a few weeks and can report all is OK:

Amazing! that update is only a few days old so I haven’t missed it by much!

Just Sonnox needs to catch up then!

Thanks Justin

Yes, I think it’s public now but Inflator is updated but I’m personally waiting for SuprEsser and then my M1 needs are pretty much all set as far as plugins go…aside from UAD which I’ve been weening myself off of anyway and at this rate, VST3/UADx of the good plugins for mastering might be ready by about 2030.

Interesting re SuprEsser:
I used to use that, but haven’t used it at all since getting the Weiss DS1 plugin

I use Inflator not that much, and aside from that on some restorations I have very occasionally used Sonnox transmod.

The Mac Studio / Metric Halo combo working like a charm too


Yes, the Weiss is nice but I like the SuprEsser still as it has somewhat of an auto-threshold which is nice for mastering when songs really change overall loudness such as a quiet verse, bridge etc.

I think Sonnox is basically doing the M1 updates in order of popularity/sales.

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Just been over to Sonnox site, and several plugins are now Apple Silicon native, incl Inflator and Transmod:

So if I roll back to v11 will the issues I’m having with 11.1 go away?
If so, how to I go back to 11?

You don’t need it at all. Just run WaveLab 11.1 in Rosetta mode (this is not the default, you have to opt for this).

I couldn’t get to load DMG Limitless on 11.1 on an M1, Roseta or Native…
Reinstalled 11.0.30 and works fine in Roseta.
When Wavelab re-scans the plugs or you take them off of the ignore list to rescan on startup, it doesn’t load DMG Limitless and a few others even though they’re supposedly VST3

Check out this thread:

Thanks Justin ! Got them working.