Tip of the millennium: MULTI WARP ARRANGE !

I have been doing this for many many years directly in the arrange window since Cubase SX/C5 days.
Maybe that will help some of you:


My workflow:
select all events. Group them (key command Strg/Cmd+G). Switching grid to: events (!)
Switch selection tool 1 to: time stretching.
I cut with ALT, zoom in with mouse wheel, set the cuts in which the audio should be warped.
It´s s also perfectly phase-locked to the other tracks because of the grouping. :bulb:

please see this short vid:

https://recording.de/attachments/cubase … gif.85211/


+++ another nice tool is SLIP EDITING +++

ideal for guitars e.g. (because warping sounds like :confused: )
SHIFT + ALT, then move wave content within the audio event(s)

short vid:
https://recording.de/attachments/cubase … gif.85212/

I am not missing anything.


link didn’t work

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