to buy or not to buy..

So I was thinkin about upgrading my 6 to 6.5 but been reading about lots of probs people seem to be having…are they sorted yet ? is it worth it ? does anybody know ? best to everyone, Kevin

I’ve read about the problems too. I’ve also read some very complimentary things. From my perspective, 6.5 is great; loaded into XP without a problem. The new synths are a big plus(remembering they are also VST3 and so compete with even the best of your 3rd party stuff). The comping is great and, on my system everything has been really stable.

They’re not exactly asking for the Earth in payment.

But the next poster may have a million nightmare stories.Bottom line is the choice is yours not ours. Be brave. How much have you got to lose?

Maybe, the best way is to find out for yourself…

D/load and install to a separate (new) folder. Its free…!

For me, Padshop and Retrologue have been fun and useful for the £42 fee - plus I get the fixes and the better lanes/comping. Happy bunny here… :slight_smile:

I’m quite happy with Cubase 6.5.1
Not a single issue here, but this stability seems to depends of which plugins do you have (specially in 64 bits systems).

A separate demo(keeping your previous version untouched) looks like to be a prudent decision.

Hey Makumbaria -

Have you done just that? Wondering what you might suggest is the best way to protect the previous version - rename the previous version folder before downloading the trial? Or … ?



If you want to buy the Padshop synth, this is the same price for Cubase 6.5. And you get one more synth, and other features. If you don’t know, you can wait.

I have no problem with 6.5 on my Mac.

cubase 7 will prob be out next jan/feb,so its just a matter of time til we update one way or another.
only difference is if we update to 6.5 the upgrade to 7 will be less.
we will end up spend the money anyway.
i havent updated to 6.5,simply because i dont need more synths.although im sure i iwll sooner or later.
i always like a play with new synths,even though i dont need them!

No. I changed directly over a 6.06 version(using grace period offer). I’m using win 7 ultimate 32 bits (only 4 Gb of ram). But if you use 64 bits and certain plugins(like waves 9), I think that a demo to test all your plugins will be much safer than move directly to 6.5 full version.

Here some info:

Edit: Now I noticed that you already posted there.

Some folks tried to rename or move Cubase folder, but I don´t know if it was a complete success.

Thank you Makumbaria!

After you tried the demo, did you keep it, or roll back somehow … of course if the latter, I’d be interested to hear how it went?

Thanks! :smiley:

I got mine “free” within the grace period when I upgraded from Cubase Studio 5, so yeah it was totally worth it. Seriously, no problems or technical issues. I switched to the 64bit version as well.

Thank you Makumbaria!

After you tried the demo, did you keep it, or roll back somehow … of course if the latter, I’d be interested to hear how it went?


I skipped the demo because of grace period offer :smiley: . I Installed 6.02 from the DVD, and updated right away to 6.06. A few days later I downloaded and installed 6.5 (and sometime later, 6.5.1).

I checked every update after install (before the next one), and Cubase was always running fine here. :slight_smile:

well…I reckon you’ve all answered my question, I will go ahead and upgrade…thanks for all the input, hope I can learn enough so’s I can be of assistance on the knowledge base in the future, best to everybody, Kevin

If you’re upgrading from Artist 6 to Artist 6.5, make sure you also install the 6.5.2 update which takes care of a nasty crash. Since that patch 6.5 runs like a dream for me. (it doesn’t apply if you have full Cubase 6 to 6.5)

Thanks, Makumbaria!