Toggling Track Time Base interferes with "Track Selection Follows Event Selection"

There is an issue when toggling the Track Time Base when the Track Selection Follows Event Selection option is enabled in Preferences.

Clicking the Track Time Base button in the Inspector seems to “refresh” the Event selection.
Under specific circumstances, doing so will instantly select all the tracks that had selected Events on them, making the Inspector we were clicking the button from switch to another track.
This issue is extremely annoying.

Reproduction sequence :

  1. Enable Track Selection Follows Event Selection in Preferences,
  2. Have at least 2 tracks with at least one Event on each them,
  3. Select Event on Track 1,
  4. Select Track 2,
  5. Toggle Track 2 Time Base from the Inspector
    Result → Track 1 gets instantly selected and the Inspector switches to Track 1.
Click to see the animation

Time Base selection bug

Additional information :

It only happens when clicking the Track Time Base button in the Inspector. As you can see in the animation, it doesn’t happen when clicking the buttons on the Track.

It only happens when there is an Event on the same Track we toggle the Time Base. If there’s no Event on the track, the issue won’t occur.