Tone Poem Done Completely with NP

Here is my latest tone poem, created entirely with Dorico and NotePerformer. It is under 5 minutes and has these short sections:
I. The Trainyard
II. The Silos
III. The Offices of the Dead
IV. I Hear Something
V. It Sees Me
VI. The End
VII. The Silos Remain

PLEASE NOTE: There is a very loud chord that happens suddenly around 2:45. Take care if you’re driving or wearing headphones.

I think NotePerformer sounds very good.


@konradh yes, but it is not only NotePerformer that sounds good—enjoyed listening to your tone poem—thank you for sharing it with us!


Yes, nice work. Is that NP with VSL?


You have a gift for telling story with music. Here is a tone poem I wrote using Dorico with NPPE and VSL Synchron Prime. It’s about a bat trying to get out of hell- as per the oft- used phrase “like a bat out of hell.”


Very nice and interesting music!! Well done Konrad! Even if Dorico and NP sounds very good, I wish you that it will it also be played live.

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@Mike_999 , Thank you, sir!

@Grainger2001 , Thanks very much! This one is NP only.

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@Christian_R , I appreciate the kind words! A conductor of the symphony here is trying to schedule one of my other pieces. I plan to send him this one and hope he likes it!

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@laughreyg , Thank you for your kind words! Your piece is excellent and powerful! Good job.

Really enjoyed this! Did you compose each section as a separate flow and then combine them for the playback file? I noticed that it was titled “The Silos” but it would be nice if each titled section could have a time stamp to correspond to the music.

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It’s a very good sound and a great composition

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@jodre , Thank you!

@tbabcock123 , Thank you! It was written as one flow. I can go back and add time stamps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Beautiful! And powerful. Thanks for posting. I am extremely impressed. On my end I composed a lot with Dorico/NP. I just converted my first Symphony to NP/BBCSO core - I’ll be curious to hear what you think of my work with the NP playback engine. It was not easy going from NP instruments to the BBCSO instruments. I had to adjust all the dynamics - at the end it was worth it. You can find the music “Phoenicia” on my home page, Thanks:


It’s wonderful that you know a conductor open to new works.

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It’s always hard to get on the schedule which is planned far in advance.

@TrackOne , Wow! Your music is beautiful and perfectly arranged! Congratulations! I know how much work and thought went into a work of that magnitude. Few people could do it.

The BBC Orchestra sounds great, by the way. I may purchase that.

Thanks for your kind words about my work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. Your comments mean a lot!!! Best regards. Pierre

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@TrackOne , Hi. Is there a thread ouit here somewhere about how to purchase and install BBCSCO and set it up with Dorico Expression Maps? I would like to buy it but don’t want to spend money unless I can make it work.


Just make sure you have the memory required before you spring for BBCSCO. I understand it takes a fair amount.

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