TOOLS for CC121 V1.7.7 finally available!

And five years after the latest update…

V1.7.6 -> V1.7.7 - Now Supports Cubase 10.5.

… and supports Catalina, uses a slightly newer Yamaha USB MIDI driver on Windows and fixes the Aux send issue :wink:

Thanks Ed/Steiny for this update. I definitely wasn’t expecting this :slight_smile:

You are the best!

You’re welcome! Was about time!

Installed the update, can’t seem to get the fader working…moving the fader on the cc121 doesnt move the fader in cubase, but moving the fader in cubase moves the fader on cc121…

Have you connected the unit to an external power supply?

Yup connected as usual to power supply. Physical fader moves when I move the fader in Cubase, but moving the fader on the CC121 does nothing… strange. Will give it a bit more testing tomorrow.

Followed the help in this thread.

Set the sensitivity to 7 and it’s working again. Freaked me out as it was working fine pre update!

Sorry to be a grouch, but what a pity Steinberg chose not to put into this upgrade the much requested ability to dim the lights on the CC121.

Like they did on the CMC, it would be nice to have the buttons light up all the time but dimmed. That way one could figure out the buttons when working with low light conditions…