Top 3 Feature Requests or Bug Fixes You'd Like in Next Major Release

Ok, let’s say you could pick any 3 Feature Requests or Bug Fixes to make the next release of Cubase, what would they be? You can pick 3 FRs, or 3 bugs, or any combination, but limit yourself to 3. Would be interesting to see if a forum consensus ends up forming.

For me, they are:

  1. Better Remote Control of Plugins (See Control Link in Studio One)
  2. Improved Window Handling (including the Title bar in Windows)
  3. Updated EUCON support

Ok, I’ll play:

  1. Horizontal mouse wheel should scroll the mix console.
  2. Disable mouse wheel fader movement.
  3. Eliminate mix console focus.
  4. Mix console snapshot should include mute status.

Sorry, that’s as close as I can get to 3 :slight_smile:.

GlennO, it’s a good list of small-ish but meaningful items. I’ll allow it! :wink:

Anyone else? Half the forum posts seem to be about workflow, the transport and/or right-click changes…what makes your top 3? Steinberg seems really good at taking in massive amounts of feature requests and fixing bugs, but are they doing the best job prioritizing the giant list of both? What’s your personal top 3?

  • Full-size scroll bars
  • Performance and stability
  • Mixer with modulation sources and destinations


Rename, rename, rename… plugins!

Not only is that a new feature but it would fix a serious BUG! or rather GUI issue!!!

  1. Stable Audio Engine that doesn’t drop-out, lose clock synch with almost every move.

That would be my #4. We clearly think alike. I’m also 100% with you on key commands for everything.

This is a good topic, OP!
Here’s my list (sorry I have 5 items here)

  1. Make Retrospective Recording save the MIDI data even if the last MIDI note is not off.
    I have lost countless plays likely because I stopped the playback just a little too early and I still had the last keys held down. For those only a few notes, I lose the whole MIDI data. That’s really the worst experience.
    I think you can assume that the MIDI notes are all off at the end of the play.

  2. return to the proper menu handling - items in the title bar should be accessible from the keyboard.
    All other good citizens of Windows apps, including Cubase 6, accept keyboard acceleration, for the better accessibility. (For the blind or weak eyes, it’s a must-to-have UI). This, coincidentally, is a big time-saver for us as well.

  3. _Customizable right click men_u.
    FWIW, one of the reasons I switched to Cubase was the good visibility of bunch of features in the right click menu. Devs, PMs, please don’t take control on what to show there - let the users choose what they want to see.

  4. An option to hide the EQ/Channel Strip section in the Channel Setting dialog, which has become fixed-size lately.
    EQ/CS do not seem to be always used, yet it takes wider screen estates than anything else.

  5. An option to reverse the horizontal scroll direction.

(I wish I don’t have to wait for the next “major” release :slight_smile:

In my 1st year of working with Cubase :smiley:
I like a lot of the features,in general but maybe suggestions

  1. A stable release of Cubase each time
  2. Much improved GUI,toolbars etc
  3. Less mouse clicking, much better work flow enhancements (such as user customisation of right click menus)
  4. more custom colour options (similar to Cubase 9.5)
  5. real time diagnostic features/monitoring (so Steinberg can use the data )with permission) to identify bugs etc)

I just want to see some meaningful progress in operational stability.

In recent times it seems each point release fixes one issue but breaks three others.

I’d be over the moon to see nothing new, but a ton of broken features repaired and some of the half finished, half baked features given the time and thought necessary to make a meangfull difference.

I’ve felt recently that changes have been made to the program by coders who are maybe not musicians, or certainly day to day users of the software, and who therefore don’t fully understand the implications of all changes they make on our day to day workflow.

I mean ARA2 integration is great and all, but I use triplet bar lines, fades, the metronome, control surfaces, I/O, media bay …et al way more than I need to be able to save a few seconds on instantiating a third party pitch and time fixer. Sort the bread and butter stuff out first.

My top 3!

  1. Various missing key commands (e.g. glue items etc)

  2. {folder-bus} tracks

  3. Option for monitoring(audio) where you can listen simultaneously the playback and the live input

Multi-track audio warp

Fix every identified bug

  1. Better support for external instruments and effects. Basically, bringing this neglected area of Cubase to today’s standards.

  2. Multiple timelines per project. A bit like what the video editing guys have. The separate timelines could be organized in simple tabs for easy access and copy/paste of events between them. A simple way to experiment and throw new ideas without cluttering the main timeline.

  3. Option to rename plugins.

  1. Chord track contents visible in all editor windows
  2. Some kind of AI-based composer assistant thingamajick
  3. Take all advantage of ARA now! It doesn’t need to be just to accommodate Melodyne users. it could also be implemented with existing stuff, for example delays and reverbs having the option to appear BEFORE the effected event etc.

Forgot about that one when making my own list. This is my new #3. My revised list is:

  1. Better Remote Control of Plugins (See Control Link in Studio One)
  2. Improved Window Handling (including the Title bar in Windows)
  3. Improved External FX - let me set inputs/outputs on a per ExternalFX plugin basis (again, see Studio One’s Pipeline). This will allow users with patch bays to use different inputs/outputs as needed.

This thread got moved… This was really intended as a conversation about customer priorities including both FRs and bug fixes. For that reason, I’m not sure this belongs in the FR forum. We’re not really talking about any one feature request per se, but rather a general conversation around, “what’s most important for me that Steinberg focus on.” A large number of the requests are around bug fixes, which aren’t FRs at all.

For those reasons, I’d respectfully ask that three thread be moved back to the general forum [since this is primarily a general conversation about customer priorities].

  1. Glue key command
  2. Expression map per articulation delay
  3. Tabs for toggling show/hide controller lanes in Key Editor
  1. Fix all bugs
  2. Implement Top 10 FR’s.
  3. Free Update

Hoping that ARA2 will be fully (and not partially) implemented prior to the next major release, my list is:

  1. Eliminate dropouts in the audio engine
  2. Plugin aliases in Plugin Manager
  3. Allow Free-warp / Multi-track Free-warp from the project window