Touch screen support for Cubase in C9?

hi all, i have wanted touch screen support for Cubase for some time now…then today i get an email from Slate Digital that does exactly this for Cubase!

just wandering if anyone has seen or heard anything from Steinberg about Cubase having support for this kinda thing natively in C9 or anytime in the near future? or do i just jump in with this Raven V3 thing…its come down significantly, used to be like 20K for this and now its only $999


you have DTouch for Cubase on Windows too using any commercial touch screen.


I am for sure wondering what happens with all of one’s prepared macros, etc. in such a System if the surface of cubase starts to Change in Version 9…

Cheers, Ernst

DTouch looks interesting…its just the software and not the hardware, unlike the Raven concept. So it requires you to buy a multi-touchscreen monitor to work.

Surely if you just buy a multi-touchscreen monitor then it will work with Cubase right out of the box in this case? so why would you need DTouch, other than for some of the macro stuff?

Cubase is not multitouch enabled, only one touch at a time

So Steinberg, are you going to ignore the requests of a significant portion of your customer base asking for a multi-touch optimized version of Cubase?
With the release of new and more powerful version of Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book the need for a multi-touch version of Cubase only increases.
I love Cubase and all the work the Steinberg team put into it, and that is why I would love to see you work on multi-touch optimization in Cubase. :wink:

I would also like to see multi-touch implemented within Cubase.

Please Steinberg. :slight_smile:

I don’t think multitouch support made the top 10 list from the survey. I wonder where it sits as a priority.