Feature Request: (Cubase 12+) Multi Touch Support at least for Mixing Console

Still missing is any support for Multi Touch monitors in Cubase, whether just for mixing or for wider support (like in plugins). Given that this has been asked for over many years/versions, and other DAWs have provided this for many years (e.g. Cakewalk by Bandlab), it would be a great option to provide such support at least starting on the Mix Consoles.

I know that there are third party touch screen add-ons that can be used, but all of them are either relatively complex or focus on providing access to the many “action buttons” for Cubase, with none offering an easy way to have multi-touch on the mixer (which is where it would be so useful).

As I said, there have been repeated requests for this over the years with numbers of people voting it up - I have tried to bring together the ones I could find quickly here as a reference:

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Feature Request: Include support for multi-touch monitor use at least in the Mixing Console in the next version of Cubase.


I really really need this as well!
Don’t forget to vote, everyone. It’s not going to happen without votes.

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+1 on this one!

Many of the competitors enable multi-touch and it’s just a shame that it’s not supported in Cubase 13 yet!
What is the reason and how do the smaller DAWs manage to include multi-touch in their DAWs when Steinberg obviously cannot?

Vote and make Steinberg prove to us that it can be done, even if they don’t want to!

The reason is probably the agreement with the Slate Digital company. If steinberg adds this feature, sales of slate raven mti monitors will drop…

Quite concerning if that would be the actual reason

The more likely and boring answer is they probably just don’t care.