Touchscreen monitors support!

I have Dell P2418HT - Touchscreen Monitor. When i trying to move 2-5 sliders in the Mixer, i cant do this, only 1 slider is moving. I dont want to buy DTouch or hyper pricey Raven Control Surface. Please add Touchscreen monitors support!

I have thought about getting touchscreens to use with Cubase, but until they add multi-touch support it seems like that it would be frustrating to use.

Do you still feel that using the touchscreen is an improvement over using the mouse at this point? Also, how much do you still have to reach for the mouse?

I’m also putting multiple touchscreens in the studio. You can look into Dtouch for Cubase if you want mutitouch support for now but they should multitouch to Cubase as well as add Slate Raven style macros. In fact, it would be good to have all the Slate Raven features in Cubase with mutitouch given that lots of laptops have touchscreens now and there are lots of decent priced touchscreen monitors available.


+1 for this as well. Other similar products (Cakewalk/SONAR) have had this for a long time now.

Also would like to have support added for Surface Dial, which provides an excellent way to control knobs in a very fine way - and also potentially Windows Pen input (maybe only relevant for notation editing.

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I also wish for multi-touch support of Cubase in Windows. I have seriously thought about buying DTouch for Cubase, but besides the expense of another program, then you have another GUI to learn and customize, and a third party software in which support will obviously lag new Cubase releases. Maybe I’ll test their free trial some day, but it would be nice if Steinberg offered multi-touch on more than just the iPad platform. In the meantime, I am grateful for companies like Devil Technologies to offer their solution. Steinberg, write those guys a check to integrate their product into your Cubase.

I have been waiting for touchscreen support for a long time now. I had a dream a decade ago to refit my control rooms with giant touchscreens. With touchscreen having taken over in the last decade I cant understand why none of the major DAWS have added native support. Now there is Raven, D touch and others filling the void but nothing beats multi touch being native.

Come on Steinberg, lead on this!

+1 for multi touch support


Touchscreen support please!

+1 that would cool

+++1 it´s about time :smiley:

It is totally about time for this one.

Yeah it would be cool, but it would cripple Raven, so I don’t think it’s going to happen due to Steinberg’s hunger for money :smiley: (sure they have some kind of contract with Slate)


If the hold up is about Steinberg’s hunger to earn money, they could make it an add-on feature, or a different license version that enables the multi-touch feature. Some would pay a little more for it, obviously, if they are paying extra for the multi-touchscreen and for Raven or DTouch.

Of all the things I do on a PC that could benefit from multi-touch, DAW software tops the list.

For the most part I will use the mouse on the DAW.
Though occasionally if it was multi-touch it would be helpful.
The mixer however really requires multi-touch.

For me it is the plugins that benefit form Multi-touch.
Their GUI becomes a control surface requiring it not only to be multi-touch capable but also to be multi-touch friendly.

This is my order of Cubase Requirements to make it my main DAW.
Being able to freely overlap audio clips.

So the most simple to remedy feature is #2 and is what will hold me back from making Cubase my main DAW.
Studio One and Reaper and Cakewalk qualify on all three points but would give up the multi-touch requirement
for Cubase if only Cubase did not disallow stacking audio clips on the same track. Oh well.

yes multitouh is necessary

yes they can do at first for mixers and vst/vsti plugins and have some touch windows with Macros/Shortcut buttons (assignable by user) like they do with the iPad ICpro…. here is my DTouch setup (one of my workspaces) :

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Can you guys hook me up with the ilok code for DTOUCH am willing to pay for it devil technologies is not selling it right now and I really need to use it that’s how my family eats and I have tried communicating with devil techs,and they just don’t give me an answer when they will be selling it again and they also stopped giving out ilok activation codes,I really need it please someone help me out its been weeks since I been trying to get it…thank you so much for your time


with macros/shortcut buttons in a window, and the mouse doesnt follow your touch window would be great

cubase pro 11 will be in multitouch

a touch user interface will be available in January 2020(no a steinberg product)