Track list : please give us back coloring with Ctrl + wheel !

That’s a very nice update with ARA, snapshots, audioalign, etc.
But why can’t we color the tracks with Ctrl + mouse click or mouse wheel anymore in the track list ?
That was so easy !
Please please please give it back :slight_smile:

Yes, please!

Instead of removing it, that feature could have been expanded to the Mix Console as well!

i cant understand why they do that!!! ok its working good in 9.5 - what we need to do in 10 - GOT IT! no problem! Delete that!!! Thats new features in C10

Miss this also!

My guess - it’s nothing more than a guess really - is that they do this while they’re moving forward to more advanced designs, streamlining of the complete interface etc. So something going down the drain could mean it’s not as cool as it was but gets prepared to work even better in a future implementation. Just not ready at release date.

Anyway, it’s much like roadworks. One of the roads in your hood/functions of a DAW is always under construction, which means when we’ll see the color tool in a better-than-ever shape, anything else will get treatment and might not work as a user means it should.